Monday, June 11, 2007

Photo hunt - Shoes

This is my first week as a Photo Hunter, and the theme is Shoes.

These are my son's shoes - the blue one being one of his first ever pair of shoes, the other being one of those he wears now. I quite fancied the idea of a picture showing a progression in shoe sizes from his first shoes until now, but unsurprisingly, I couldn't readily lay my hands on enough shoes! LOL

I put the shoes on a mirror with a bit of white board behind. I'm rather disappointed about the lighting as it looked fine on the camera and on my laptop at home. Never mind, I quite like the photo anyway!

We had a lovely family bike ride yesterday along the canal on the south side of Leicester. It was rather longer than my DH had anticipated - we must have been out for around 5 hours and cycled at least 10 miles. I'm really proud of my DS and the way he handled it - apart from saying at the end that it was too long, there wasn't a squeak of complaint from him. However, that may have been because of the detour we took to MacDonalds for his lunch!


Jenn in Holland said...

Oh, I love the photo. Very sweet idea showing the growth, but I really like the artistic take with the reflection.
Well done!

Julie said...

A fantastic pic, very clever

It was a nice day for a bike ride yeterday, bet you stopped off at Fosse Park (just down the road from me) LOL

Diane said...

I like the mirror effect. As said, Well done and welcome to the hunt. :)

Tina said...

Hey, a really good idea for shoes. For me its the first time i played Photo Hunt, too. ;-) And i read you love comments... here is one. *smile*

mommyness said...

nice shot and story behind it! welcome to photohunt!