Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm so chuffed - my to do list is suddenly shrinking! Yay - I've knocked about 3 things off it in the last week! That's what I like about crochet, it can be so quick!

Unfortunately, I can't show most of the things I've made as they're gifts for people who might read this. But I will give a few sneak peeks.

Tiny amigurumi monkey

Crochet scissor fobs

And Alexander insisted I make him a tiny turtle from this book, even to the extent of trying to match yarn colours, but it only took me yesterday evening to complete, so I don't mind. I wanted to call him Tippy Turtletrousers (note the Captain Underpants reference) but Alexander informed me that he's to be called Timmy the Turtle.

And I've just remembered that I never showed you this, not that I finished it in the last few days. I was trying to think of a witty post about 101 uses for pearl cotton, but I can't get past about 2. It's from a pattern by Peachtree Cottage.

At this rate, I might even get some stitching done to show next time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A little geekishness and a headless chicken

We were woken by the postman on Saturday morning bring a surprise package - my prize for winning Lesley's League of Geeks!

What a fantastic prize and perfect timing too at the start of our half term. Alexander almost immediately disappeared off with Crisp Packet Fireworks to consult his Grandpa and I've scarcely seen them since, only occasionally being summoned outside to witness various demonstrations such as the toaster powered hot air balloon, liquid behaving badly or cola volcano. I think the cola bottle is scheduled to be turned into a submarine today.

The recycled stuff is great fun too - notebook (used to be a car tyre), ruler (used to be 3 plastic cups) and pencil (used to be money), although the pencil seems to have gone walkabout already, as pencils do.

The brain food, of course, did not last long!

As for the headless chicken, that was me last week. Apart from finishing my biscornu, I haven't done any stitching at all since the summer as the inclination just disappeared but I've been crocheting madly ever since. I think madly may be just a bit too true.

I've posted some of the things I've made already (not that they'd take kindly being referred to like that, I won't tell if you won't), but I've also made some things for a swap, some gifts and have been having a go at crochet bowls.

I went a bit headless chickenish last week as my to do list seems to be getting longer and longer and I really want to do some stitching! Aaarghhhh!!!!! I think I had a day or two of being unable to do anything before I managed to stop procrastinating and start one of the things on my list. Rather than having just a randomly jumbled list, maybe I should prioritise and put rough deadlines on some of the items?

And Alexander has refused to allow me to send Monique the thing I was going to send her for winning my giveaway, so I'm in the middle of figuring out what to send instead and that probably means making something as well! Ho hum.

PS. Anyone else hate div tags and the way Blogger likes to add them wherever it feels like? Grrrrr.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Amigurumi Army

We are the Amigurumi Army. We hereby assert our independence and announce the formation of the state of Amigurumia. (Yes, we know there aren't many of us, but you can't say we're not ambitious.) All amigurumi are invited to join us.

Let us introduce ourselves to you.

Venerable Smuj - oldest and most respected.
Honourable Pinkie - despite the frivolous appearance, her mind is as sharp as a crochet hook.
Respected Jerry - the so-called hybrid bear-monkee-mouse. Determined to live up to the reputation of his namesake and putative ancestor.
Most brave No-Name - denied the dignity of a proper name.
Valiant Fuzzz - conqueror of Captain Monkeypants. The defeated captain shall have no power over amigurumi.

We also demand the immediate release of our comrade, Chewbacca, currently held hostage in Manchester.

In return, we intend to continue to hold the monkey known as Zero-X1 until we are satisfied of Chewbacca's welfare, or his return to us.

In the mean time, we urge all amigurumi to rise up against the oppressor and join us in our struggle.


the Amigurumi Army

Monday, October 06, 2008

973 beads on my biscornu

I spent 20 minutes last night trying to count the beads on my biscornu, but I kept loosing track of the beads I'd already counted. As a last resort I switched to counting the beads in one of my photos where I could at least them cross off as I counted them.

I have to admit that my total is only approximate - I counted around 240 beads in one of the corners and multiplied it up by 4, then added the 13 larger beads from the top, making a total of 973.

I'm very disappointed (LOL) in all the entrants in my giveaway! Most of you vastly underestimated the number of beads I used. However, Monique came closest with her guess of 800, so she wins the prize - congratulations Monique!

I was a little surprised that there were almost 1000 beads used, but only a little as I suspected there could easily be around 200 in each of the 4 corners. And I really don't think it look that long to stitch them all on!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Top Geek

I won, I won! I came out top in Lesley's League of Geeks!

Wow and I didn't really think I was that geeky! I suppose I'm just geeky enough to have taken the league seriously enough to have a bit of fun posting some geeky stuff. And, given my family, it wasn't too hard to find stuff to post.

So thanks very much to Lesley for organising it all.

For the next few weeks, I'd better concentrate on Iona who is to young to be geeky about anything (unless it's milk, silly noises or Mummy singing). However, the geek will have to be temporarily released at half term when Dad comes for a visit.

For now, here's another one of those exciting conversations I have with Alexander -

Alexander - Does the moon have gravity?
Me - Yes but not as much as the earth.
Alexander - Why?
Me - Because it's much smaller than earth.
Alexander - But when earth and the moon were the same size they would have had the same gravity then?
Me - Ummmmm ...... (frantically trying to remember which TV programme he's likely to have got that from).

Anyway, today is your last chance to enter my giveaway. And I'm faced with the wonderful prospect of spending the weekend counting the beads on my biscornu!