Friday, July 29, 2011


I don't have any finishes to share today, so I thought I'd try and put together one of those mosaics you can see on any number of other blogs, showing what's been going on in July.

July mosaic

As you can see, most of my photos involve crochet. In future, I'll try and include more of a range of different things. I should be able to put together something different at the end of August as next month should include holidays!

To Natalie Howells - thanks for the comments you've been leaving on my blog! However the link you've been leaving to your Google profile doesn't work! Have you a blog I can visit? Thanks!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday wobbles

Thanks everyone for all the comments on last week's hats - I really had great fun with them! I think I'll have to make another for a friend of Alexander's who has a birthday in August.

This week I’ve joined the Giant Granny CAL on Sucrette’s blog - I’m calling this my Third Time Lucky blanket!

In October 2010, it looked like this –

The Great Granny Rainbow Hex

Then it grew bigger, but I didn’t like the way it was lying (and who wants to block a giant granny hexagon), so I frogged it and started again. I started again with a slightly different hexagon design, but I didn’t like it either and ripped it out too.

So now, I’m on to the Third Time Lucky! Wonder how big it’ll get this time?

Here’s something else I’ve been doing - Iona really likes these, particularly the pink ones!

Last week’s granny squares have now entered the experimental stage – I’m waiting to see how they work out, and the hairy things are multiplying but still kicking about the car until I decide there are enough of them!

Finally, something momentous has been going on in our house over the last couple of weeks.

She looks extremely wobbly, but she’s actually very good at keeping her balance!

At 13 months, she’s 3 months ahead of her big brother and 5 months ahead of her big sister! She’s just desperate to keep up with everyone else! And now that she’s on the go, she just won’t sit still - it can be really difficult to prepare her meals when she keeps getting up and tottering across the kitchen!

Well done Niamh!

Friday, July 22, 2011

FO Friday

And that’s not remotely meant to be rude - I have nothing against today or any other Friday!

However, my WIPs and my finishes are getting rather out of sync! I’m very aware that I’ve shared a few WIPs that may then seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth!

Remember these?

They gradually morphed into these.

Hats in progress

And from there,


End of year gifts for my son’s teachers – I was thinking party hats for end of year celebrations. They were all distributed during the last week of school, and much appreciated by the recipients!

(Don't know that my models look too keen on the modelling. Certainly one little pest girl just wouldn't stand still to have her photo taken!)

And for those of you looking for news of the hairy things, I'm very sorry, but you're going to have to wait a little while before I'll be ready to reveal their purpose!

Wow - 5 blog posts in July and 2 in a week - thanks to WIP Wednesdays (and FO Fridays) my blogging's back on track! Yay!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brief and to the point = my Wednesday WIPs

Hairy things, their purpose yet to be revealed!

A little something I'm trying out for my Mum's birthday.

And, shock horror! I've actually done some stitching!
Laura J Perin's Color Study - Starry Night

When you look at the before pic, it looks like I've been making good progress over the last couple of weeks!

And a final hello from that other WIP, the photographer's assistant!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wednesday WIP

Today, we have a relative of Billy Buttons on the go.

I had to send Billy and Belinda off to a photographer in Bristol and I don’t have them back yet. But since seeing their pic in Inside Crochet, Iona keeps asking for Belinda. So I started this little project which I’d had in mind using super chunky yarn and a big hook. It’s funny to see it grow so big so quickly!

I have a little something else that I started last night too but didn’t have time for a photo – just a little hairy grey triangle in eyelash yarn that I’m planning to have fun with!
Unfortunately, I’m struggling with a severe lack of motivation just now. What I really want to do is stitch, but when I often struggle to find time for anything, crochet seems easier to pick up and put down.
Maybe I’ll take a day’s leave from work sometime and spend it all needle in hand…… Or maybe I should go back to those odd pieces of stitching that I meant to finish with crochet ……. Or maybe a bit of everything ……..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Anyone else like me having a complete nightmare trying to comment on Blogger blogs? It's getting to the stage where, unless I can comment anonymously or by name/url, then I can't comment at all.
Commenting via my Google account just never works!

And it only seems to get worse!

And the thing for uploading images is suddenly useless unless I'm on the Edit HTML tab, which I confess, I usually am (but, strangely, not today).

So I really would like to talk to you all, but between them, Google and Blogger are making it almost impossible!

Really glad I found one of these with steam coming out of its ears! Off now to see if I can find out what  Google and Blogger are up to.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Introducing Billy and Belinda Buttons

Finally, I can introduce you to Billy and Belinda!

I made them in April/May, wrote up the pattern, photographed them and emailed everything off for the Inside Crochet amigurumi competition!

Billy & Belinda in Inside Crochet, issue 20

Here are pages 10 and 11 of issue 20 of Inside Crochet. See those two adorable bears in the middle? Well, Billy's on the left and Belinda's on the right! If you look closely, you can just about make out my name underneath as a runner up in the competition!


Wow - I am so delighted! Somehow I knew as soon as I'd finished Billy and Belinda that they would do well in the competition - I couldn't even consider the possibility that they wouldn't do well.


I love Billy's face - it's somehow very cute and full of character!


Billy and Belinda's arms and legs are attached by buttons on their bodies and buttonholes in their limbs. I could see children having fun with that, while other amigurumi limbs are fixed.


So their limbs are completely movable, removable and interchangable!

Billy and Belinda Buttons

I'm very proud of Billy and Belinda. The pattern's coming in Inside Crochet in a couple of months.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A different sort of WIP!

Sorry – no crochet photos today as I’ve left the lead for my camera at home and can’t upload anything - and I thought I was all organised! So, in best Blue Peter style, here’s one I prepared earlier.

A couple of weeks ago, someone had a birthday! Can you believe it’s been a year already?

I don’t think she would mind too much being referred to as a WIP - she’s such a happy, fun-loving little girl! She’s absolutely desperate to join in with everything her big brother and sister do, and within a few weeks, I can see her toddling off on her own after them. She’s already doing her best to climb the stairs, whenever she can escape from us! It’s be a race between Niamh and her cousin Connor, who’s 4 months older, to see who’s off and walking on their own first!

Poor wee Niamh is currently fighting the effects of heat and dry skin, so she’s covered in scratches and spots! The Health Visitor has now given us some cream for her, so hopefully it’ll help soothe the itching.

I’ve been thinking back to when Alexander was her age – a good 10 years ago! When he was small, I gave up stitching for at least 5 years, I couldn’t find any time for it. So I’ve been reminding myself of that so as not to get too frustrated by the current absence of any stitching in my life. At least I still have crochet and things are very positive on the crochet front!

It seems a bit odd to me, but wandering round the ‘net, it’s the needlepoint pieces I crave the most – Coni, Jan and Liz are all working on Tony Minieri’s Stars of the New Millennium which is looking wonderful! Then I saw Jocelyn’s cool version of Hot Stuff from DebBee’s Designs – gorgeous, or what? And that one’s in my stash too! And then there’s Laura’s Red White and Blue panel which I love, although I’m not a red white and blue person – maybe I could stitch a version in Scottish colours – navy, white, maybe a bit of purple or green? And of course a new panel from Laura reminds me of Laura’s first One Long Panel which is also in my stash, as is her Daisy Chain, and then there’s her Color Study: Starry Nights which I have started on stretcher bars ……

Of course, I mustn’t forget Nova either – surely I could fit in the odd square here and there? Hmm ……

If you'd rather see some yarny stuff, then head off to Tami's blog and join the fun!