Monday, December 04, 2006

Bad Blogger

I've been feeling rather stressed out over the last few weeks and blogging and reading all those happy cheerful beautifully stitched blogs has just been too depressing, so I've been a bag blogger! I hate all those stitchers who turn out an exquisitely finished piece every week, when I'm struggling to find the odd half hour to put in a couple of stitches!

Saying that, though, I have finished a number of things over the last month, myself!

Here's my biscornu from the SAL at the Jayne's Attic Forum -

The buttons weren't in the original design, they were just my way of customising it!

I also finished Carol Tinson's Filigree -

I have framed this one, but don't have the photos to hand.

I also did this for my son's 6th birthday -

November is a popular time in my family for birthday with my Dad and son having theirs on the same day. It was also my gran's birthday in November, my future brother-in-law's and my ex-sister-in-law's!

We had a lovely party at home on Saturday for my Dad as it was his 70th. I also stitched something for him, but was a bit late in finishing, so didn't get round to taking a photo before I gave it to him!