Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The lovely, busy Lesley is ending her League of Geeks today rather than continuing for another month. Perhaps she's been scared off by the amount of sheer geekiness she's unleashed? So, I'll be squashing my inner geek back into its box at the end of this post.

It occurred to me that there's something inherently geeky about being a crafty sort of person. I mean, look at all the crafty stash we accumulate. I'm only scraping at the edges of my stash to share the following:

I've finally shifted all my stitching charts and all but the biggest kits into their new home, sorted in alphabetical order by designer. Now I can find anything I want in a matter of seconds and can spend hours perusing my collection and dreaming of some unknown time when I might actually approach having stitched most of the designs I have charts for. Sadly, I think I've achieved SABLE here (stash acquired beyond life expectancy). How sad and geeky is that?

Knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarn. Knitting was the first craft I ever learnt, followed by crochet. I don't do either so much these days (too impatient for knitting), but can anyone explain why I really need such a large stash of yarn? Or why I keep buying more?

Pincushions - so quick and satisfying to stitch up - what better to collect?

Finally, my geekiest collection - a collection of geeks. Or rather, a collection of Ia(i)n Stewarts. Not just any old Ia(i)n Stewart you might find kicking about on Facebook, but interesting Ia(i)n Stewarts.

Number 1 is my uncle, a retired translator with the RAF.

Number 2 is Ian Stewart, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick and writer. I used to work at the University of Warwick, but I've never met him. At one point, I did go to an evening class with his wife, and my dad does read his books .....

Number 3 is Iain Stewart, Professor of Geosciences Communication at the University of Plymouth and TV presenter. I've never been to Plymouth, never met or had anything to do with him, but he's definately the sexiest on my list!

Until today, that was where my list stopped. However, in googling links for this post, I found this list at Wikipedia which needs further investigation. I think it might be a while before I can persuade my inner geek back to sleep .....

And there's still time if you want to guess how many beads I used in my biscornu and enter my giveaway!


LODY said...

greetings from the heartland!
i love the way you organized your stash! mine are just in bookshelves. i hope you don't mind if someday i'll adopt your system.:)
gotta guess the beads now!
btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. please give me a lil' time and i'll make a pictorial instructions for biscornu with cotton backing.:) almost done on my needles etui as well and will post it in a few days.

LODY said...

i forgot to comment about your knitting supplies... lol
you keep on buying maybe because:
1. deep inside you're thinking you could still get back to knitting/crochet
2. stashing is an addiction

i've never knit in my entire life but i got a box full of yarns (and different sizes of knitting needles)... my reasons are:
1. i hope to learn to knit one day
2. i couldn't resist the colors and textures of yarns... they inspire me... really they do... lol
3. as i've mentioned above, stashing is an addiction

anyways, whenever i buy a yarn, i ask myself if i can use it as embellishment with my stitching works... that's why my yarns are mostly the furry ones. i love to use those to embellish edges of my ornaments. if you have a black furry yarn, it would be great to use at halloween knob knockers or ornaments. and of course, if you have the christmas colors, they'll be great for christmas ornaments. i could go on and on and on on how to apply yarns on our "smalls".

whew, i hope you don't mind my long comment... lol

have a great stitching day!

Barbara said...

(Crafty) Geeks Rule!!

I love your collections. The pincushions are so adorable. :D

Julie said...

When you see a bargain you have to buy it, its a compulsion, it just might come in useful one day and who knows what ideas and inspiration you might come up with (thats what i tell my Dh when he looks and raises the eyebrows at yet another purchase that i'm not going to use immediately LOL)

Kitty said...

'Need' has nothing to do with buying yarn. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I recently sorted my stash out - golly gosh, where did it all come from? :-O

That cabinet of patterns is the most organised display of craftiness I've ever seen!


Lesley said...

Crikey - I am seriously impressed by your filing system!
How do you file your Ia(i)n's?

I think that you have just earned yourself a last minute 16 points!!


Cheryl said...

Ooh your stash looks so organised - im officially jealous! Maybe once this supposed "nesting instinct" kicks in i'll become organised like you ;)
Love the new look blog. Just catching up after a bit of an absence in blogworld x