Friday, October 03, 2008

Top Geek

I won, I won! I came out top in Lesley's League of Geeks!

Wow and I didn't really think I was that geeky! I suppose I'm just geeky enough to have taken the league seriously enough to have a bit of fun posting some geeky stuff. And, given my family, it wasn't too hard to find stuff to post.

So thanks very much to Lesley for organising it all.

For the next few weeks, I'd better concentrate on Iona who is to young to be geeky about anything (unless it's milk, silly noises or Mummy singing). However, the geek will have to be temporarily released at half term when Dad comes for a visit.

For now, here's another one of those exciting conversations I have with Alexander -

Alexander - Does the moon have gravity?
Me - Yes but not as much as the earth.
Alexander - Why?
Me - Because it's much smaller than earth.
Alexander - But when earth and the moon were the same size they would have had the same gravity then?
Me - Ummmmm ...... (frantically trying to remember which TV programme he's likely to have got that from).

Anyway, today is your last chance to enter my giveaway. And I'm faced with the wonderful prospect of spending the weekend counting the beads on my biscornu!


Lesley said...

Your Geek Award is most definately deserved!!

I love Alexander's questions :)


Kitty said...

Congratulations on winning the Geek League - we all bow to your geekiness. x

Julie said...

Congrats on the Geek Award, do you get a geeky trophy too LOL

Barbara said...

Okay, I'm thinking that we have gravity because we have an atmosphere, not because of size. But now, darn it, I have to go look it up.

Congrats on being Queen Geek! :D