Friday, September 05, 2008


I really didn't mean to disappear like that for a whole month! I just lost the plot for a couple of weeks and had a couple of weeks holiday and the time just flew past! Now I've got so much I need to catch up with!

First of all, a big thank you to Wendy Jo who was my partner in Fair & Square round 8.

She send me these gorgeous squares along with a scissor pocket and quilting tool holder.

I sent her the squares (hexagons really) below along with a little pin cushion and some fabric. I really enjoyed stitching the Gencat freebie which I'll really need to find the time to stitch for myself.

I also owe a thank you to Sally who gave me an award via her blog while I was AWOL! I feel very proud and grateful for the compliment.

We had a wonderful holiday, firstly playing on a beach in the north west of England and then in Scotland. The beach we visited was just wonderful, partly stony and partly sandy. The stones were just beautiful, gorgeous shapes and such a smooth soft texture! We just had to bring a selection home with us.

I didn't do any stitching at all while I was on holiday, but played around with a bit of knitting and crocheting which is still on-going. Although I do have an unfinished biscornu lying around which keeps calling to me.

Before we went away, I'd got myself to the stage (again) of just trying to do too much. I have a long list of pin cushion and biscornu ideas that I was wanting to make up, but it was just getting all too much. So it was time to step back, take a breath and relax. I'll be posting the results over the next week or two.

Since we came home, Iona has been having great fun bouncing around like a mad thing in this.

She is such fun to watch as she bounces around with a broad grin on her face, blowing bubbles and dribbling all over the place at the same time!

We've recently put her onto a lactose free milk following several weeks of constantly dirty mucusy nappies. Hopefully it's a temporary lactose intolerance and nothing more long term.


Vonna said...

Isn't she a sweetie? I had to say so first!
I love both sets of Fair and Squares...they are beautiful!
And all the random pictures look like a fun time being had!

karenv said...

Both sets of squares are lovely. That Gencat freebie is on my "to-do" list - one day soon!

Kathy A. said...

Hi Lesley - Welcome back. I thought you had disappeared into the myst on Tintock Tap LOL. Your vacation photos are lovely. Glad you had such a great vacation. Your Fair Squares are both quite lovely. And Iona - how cute is she and growing so quickly. Are you still plugging away at PL?

Julie said...

Lovely squares received and sent. She growing so fast, she looks adorable.

Sally said...

Lovely squares both sent and received Lesley.

Love the holiday pics. Looks like you had a brilliant time.

Iona is such a sweetie:)

Lisa said...

Glad you're back - love the Fair and Square!

Barbara said...

Oh my goodness, that's one happy looking little girl!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Love your picture tableau, Lesley. Your whole family is beautiful as the beach! What a darling little gift for your Fair & Square partner you made. Both of you seemed well suited. I can't wait for Kellan to be able to jump around like Iona!! She is so adorable!! Hugs, Deb

DaisyGirl said...

She is such a sweetie! She looks like she never fusses! I'm working away on your RR!

Cheryl said...

Good to hear what youve been up to! Ive been a bit awol on my blog recently too :)
Iona is so cute!

Carolien said...

She is growing so fast! What a lovely picture.

Greetings, Carolien