Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun with Science and a Geeky Giveaway




This was Alexander's favourite game from the holiday (inspired by Mr Fyde, the science teacher in Captain Underpants). I had to keep a good stock of baking soda and vinegar!

We had Alexander's best friend over for dinner this week and Alexander was demonstrating. The friend was distinctly unimpressed - obviously not a geek then!

We've now got my Dad busy thinking of other simple sciencey experiments for Alexander to do. Apparently, Dad's having great fun with this task! And I've suggested to Alexander that we could grow crystals. However, Alexander seems to be under the impression that crystals mean diamond-type shiny things that are very valuable!

I've actually done some stitching, for a change, over the last few days and have finished off my latest biscornu, designed by me with the blackwork pattern nicked from a book. I call it my Tutti Frutti Biscornu.



This isn't quite what I'd planned for this biscornu as I changed my mind midway. It then became an exercise in crowding on as many beads as I could in the space available using different shapes and sizes of beads. It was fun to do and I do like the end result!

So, for my Geeky Giveaway, how many beads do you think I've used on this biscornu? Leave me a comment with your best guess. I can't give you any clues as I've no idea myself. But if you leave a comment before the end of next Friday (3rd October), I'll send something I've made to the person who makes the closest guess. It won't be the biscornu, but it may well be something I've featured on my blog this year.


karenv said...

It's gorgeous! I really love what you've done with the beads.

Vonna said...

332 is my guess :o)

Now then for geeky experiments. Get some vinegar in a large mouth jar or cup, put an egg in it. Let it sit for 1 day....the next day pull it out and feel it! All the calcium carbonate in the egg is converted to carbonic acid by the action of the acetic acid in the vinegar. It's called the "naked egg" now with just a flexible membrane surrounding the yolk and albumin. COOL!
What about the "leg in knots" experiment? Again using vinegar...put a chicken leg (the meat eaten and it cleaned) in a bottle filled with vinegar - for one day. Next day pull it out and it's flexible and jelly like, tie a knot in it and leave it out to dry. Once it is dry it returns to "hardness" and then you ask people - how in the world did I tie a knot in this chicken leg? It's the same principal as the egg.
Dirty penny in a bottle of coke. Hmm?
Purple cabbage "juice" used as a colorimetric titration color changing device with vinegar - do your own titrations.
Iron for breakfast? Magnify the added iron in breakfast cereals and watch it come out of your fortified cereal in iron shavings...

I could go on...I will not....but this is right up my alley :o)

Kathy A. said...

I love that experiment. So funny. I will have to remember that for when the grandsons get a little older. My guess 550. Have a good weekend.

Julie said...

Cool experiment, i hope we get to see the others that Grandad dreams up, i might become a geek myself LOL

Love the biscornu, it looks good enough to eat! My guess is 250, great contest.

Kitty said...

We love the vinegar/bicarb experiment here - it never fails.

I love your biscornu ... but I don't know what one is (should I be horribly embarrassed?) so I'm off to google.


Jennifer said...

What a COOL biscornu! I love the beadwork on it.

I'm going to guess 475 beads.

Barbara said...


That is SO cool.

Stitcher said...

I'd say 367

monique said...

800! We made a salt crystal thing over here and it grew & grew until it took over the bowl it was in and started on the table LOL

Lesley said...

Oooh lovely experiment - this is one of my favourites too!! 26 Geek points for that! Also for sending Grandpa off on an experiment finding mission 14 points :)

The biscornu is gorgeous and so much work! I guess 682 beads.


LODY said...

my guess is 300...:)

trillium said...

My guess: 610 beads

monkee maker said...

Hi Lesley,

Many congrats on winning the geek league - it was well deserved .... in the nicest possible way!!


ps. I think 360 beads, but however many there are, it must have taken forever sewing them all on!

Rowyn said...

What a beautiful biscornu! The fanciest one I have seen yet.

My guess would be 580.

Laura said...

Your beadwork looks awesome and it's nice to know there are other "geeks" out there ;)

I would say about 730 beads.

Michelle said...

That is really gorgeous with all the beads!!! Stunning!