Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Geeky Family

In light of the challenge presented by Lesley’s League of Geeks, I thought I’d present my own geeky credentials.

Firstly my parents –

Dad – Science Geek – retired physics teacher
Mum – Exercise Geek – retired PE teacher

My sisters and brother –

Sister J1 – arty sister who would never be sufficiently untrendy to be geeky about anything.
Brother F – Football Geek – PE teacher and soccer coach who lives in Florida.
Sister J2 – Music Geek – professional clarinet player

My husband – Electrical engineering and veggie-growing geek – PhD in Electrical machines, fanatical about growing veggies in back garden and allotment.

And me? I end up feeling a bit like a Geek of all trades (and mistress of none!), having an engineering degree and MSc in IT, and spending as much time as possible working on various crafty things. At work I spend my time translating between plain English and geeky IT speak, and vice versa. And I have one of those really geeky good memories for complete rubbish and a whole load of things I’d rather forget.

I'm the sort of person who chooses popular science books for my Dad's birthday based on what I'd like to read myself, but really don't have the time to concentrate on at the moment. Maybe one day, I'll be able to borrow them all back from him and read them myself. One of my favourite books is Simon Singh's The Code Book. Oh, and I can get really geeky about the Lord of the Rings too.

But now, most importantly, my secret weapon!

Alexander B, age 7
Lego geek, budding science geek and Mythbuster!

So, not only am I the daughter and wife of geeks, as well as having my own geeky credentials, but I would also appear to be the mother of one too. Which, in turn, makes me even geekier as I'm the one who generally tries to answer his questions.

We have fascinating geeky conversations, such as -

Alexander - What is water made of?
Me - Hydrogen and Oxygen
Alexander - Can you buy hydrogen and oxygen?
Me (not sure where this is going) - Ye-ess
Alexander - So can we buy some then and make some water?

While we were away on holiday last month, one evening he asked me how many countries there are in the world. That's not a number I know off the top of my head, but I told him there were several hundred. He then insisted that I name all the countries I knew..... I think I got to about 120 off the top of my head and with the help of the Olympics we made it to nearer 150 the following morning. But I know there are large areas where I missed a lot eg. central Africa, Pacific Ocean......

Over breakfast on Sunday morning, I had to explain the background to the Lord of the Rings and the history of the One Ring in no more than 15 minutes without giving away the entire story as Alexander had seen about 5 minutes of the Two Towers on Saturday evening before deciding it was too scary. I refuse to tell him everything as I insist that he will read the Lord of the Rings himself one day and I can remember how magical it seemed to me when I read it for the first time. However, at the moment, I'm struggling to get him to read Captain Underpants to himself, despite the larger type and short chapters - it's a boy thing (I think).

Oh, and I found this photo when browsing around the Craftzine blog yesterday. I wasn't looking for it, honest!

Mythbusters: Jamie and Adam
Originally uploaded by oddgumi



Vonna said...

My goodness Stephanie, we lead "almost" parallel lives...
first off we NEVER miss an episode of Myth Busters...I think if I ever met the real Jamie and Adam, I'd wet my britches! Next we've had the captain underpants discussion, my boys and girls all ask geeky questions like the water question, my Ian is a natural disaster freak and tell you all about tusnamis, earth quakes, typhoons, hurricans, what feeds them how they start, what is happening while they are going on, on and on...as you know too my boys are LEGO nuts and one is upstairs in his room right now (Jacob) building an elaborate "scene" from an Indiana Jones movie....their greatest aspiration is to make one of those Lego mini movies as seen on You Tube...honestly they are pretty great...and lastly you know that I'm a scientist (in and of itself a bit geeky) and my husband is a Master Degree Electrical Engineer...and he's off the chart geeky.... :o) Funny that, huh?

Kitty said...

Hmmm, I reckon Lesley will be bunging a whole heap of Geek Points your way after that post!

I love those conversations with the kids, don't you? I learn so much about how they think. I'll never tire of it.


Jennifer said...

Okay, those Mythbusters are HILARIOUS!

Sally said...

We love Mythbusters in our house! Thye certainly do some crazy things!

Julie said...

I now know where all the brains in this city are LOL
I love it when kids ask questions like that, and you have to go and find out for them.

Barbara said...

You're like a geek earth mother, huh? ;) I love the line of questioning that lead up to the comment about making your own water! LOL!!!

monkee maker said...

Ooh ooh - I'm a Lord of the Rings geek too .... go on, ask me ANYTHING about Aragorn .... *sigh* ok, I'm not actually a LotR geek - I just fancy Aragorn ....

Very impressive geekery stats. in this post, Lesley, I definitely think you should win the league!

And I love the amigurumi Mythbusters!


ps. Shall you be showcasing the arigurumi monkey you mentioned? I hope I haven't missed it!

Lesley said...

Fantastic Geekery!!! I just apologise for not getting to you sooner - too many ungeeky goings on here taking me away from my Geeky doings!!

Right ho - so much to take into consideration here.

For geek parents - 48 points
For geeky siblings - 23 points
For geeky husband - 15 points
For rearing a beautifully geeky child - 37 points
For being a superb example of geekery yourself - 36 points

I make that 160 Geek Points!! You've just shot right up to the top ten!!

Now to check out that experiment....