Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The creamy white version

Ring pillow

Here it is! My sister's ring pillow, finished on Monday evening. I do like the way it's turned out, even though I did, as usual, change a few things as I was going along.

My sister hasn't seen it yet and I won't see her before she heads off to Florida for the wedding, so I've been out to buy a box and brown paper to send it off to Manchester where it needs to be by the end of next week.


I'm particularly pleased with the way I've attached the ribbons and arranged them to hold the rings - it was an area that was worrying me a bit and for a long time I just didn't know how to do it. I went from ribbon tied in a bow (but where to put it on the cushion?) to single loops of ribbon, to double loops of ribbon, to one long bit of ribbon attached in a kind of figure of eight configuration.


The final piece in the puzzle came when I saw the white felt flower just sitting centred on top of the prototype cushion. In an instant it all came together in my mind and I knew exactly what to do. So the ribbon is attached in the figure of eight (sideways) with two heart shaped pearl buttons on top. The flower is then placed to cover the buttons - the ribbon just hangs out below looking pretty and decorative. In the photos I've got a couple of white plastic rings attached in place of wedding rings so that I can use them to explain to my sister how it works.

Felt wedding pillow

Would anyone be interested in my posting more detailed notes on how I made this? It wouldn't be a detailed tutorial as I don't have the photos to back it up, but I could write rough instructions and give links to some of the things I used.

I have another felty new start as well, but not so much progress on it yet as I gave myself a night off last night! If you look at my felt inspiration, you might get a clue as to what I'm going to do here.

Name banner

A gift for a special little girl who has a special birthday very soon.