Friday, April 03, 2009

Lesley is ......

I saw this meme at this blog (after I got Google to translate it into English) and thought it looked like fun, so here we are.

Do this: Google your name plus "is" in quotation marks, that is, "Lesley is" for me. Copy the first five matches in which sentences containing "Lesley is ...." and upload them to your blog.

I was curious to see what Google came up with!

1. "Lesley is stalkin me" - oops!
2. "Lesley is now in a promoted post in administration at the bank" - ooh thanks! Not that I know anything about banking, but who does, these days?
3. "Lesley is 19 stone lighter" - I wish! LOL! Although if I really was 19 stone lighter, there wouldn't be any of me left!
4. "Lesley is about to star on the West End stage" - Yay - fantastic idea!
5. "Lesley is Moore" - Huh??? Roger? Julianne? Demi? I think I'll go for Julianne if I've got to be someone else.

On a different note, Lesley is also dead chuffed with the beautiful biscornu she received from Ronel in the Tiny Treasures Exchange.

Isn't it lovely? Ronel sent some lovely goodies too - some DMC floss, ribbon, beads fabric, and a lovely letter which almost had me blushing! LOL She seems to think I'm some kind of biscornu expert which I can assure you is far from the truth! I just love to play around with different ways of doing things!

And finally, evidence that I have stitched something other than biscornus over the last few weeks.

An icicle in the sun

My first 'icicle'! I stitched this one on my 28ct yellow checked Graziano linen using varigated DMC floss and following a chart from Les chroniques de Frimousse.

This icicle has now been sent off to make a new home elsewhere, but I think I'll have to stitch up a lot more of them - they're such fun and a quick stitch!