Monday, April 27, 2009

A little something

About 10 days ago, I was temporarily forced to abandon my existing crafty goings-on as I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms!

Withdrawal from what? Ummm, cross stitch and making biscornus?

I hadn’t planned to stitch a biscornu this month as I already had enough going on, but as usual, things didn’t go entirely to plan. As a compromise, I decided to make my biscornu smaller than usual, but that led to me challenging myself to see how small I could go!

And the end result?


It actually has me wondering whether it would be possible to make tiny mini sized biscornus and use them instead of buttons on a ‘normal’ sized biscornu. Hmmm ……

The design is very simple. Part of my inspiration for the larger biscornu was this photo from Loreta – I love the way the buttons stand out.


Two squares, each 30 stitches x 30 stitches. Divide each side in 3 to create a grid of 9 squares. I then filled in alternate squares of the grid with cross stitch, using a varigated DMC floss and then attached a button to the centre of each square except the middle one. The biscornu was then made up as usual with further buttons attached to the centre of each side.

The tiny biscornu is based on a square 10 stitches by 10 stitches, each filled with a Jessica stitch. I wasn't sure how the Jessica stitch would stand up to the bending when the biscornu was made up, but it's working well.

April biscornus

I love the way the biscornus look in my Granny's pansy bowl. I thought the pansy colours would look nice with the biscornu colours.

I’ve also succumbed and joined for Totally Useless SAL! I’d been watching for a while, but it was time I joined in.

Here’s my collection for this month. Not a lot yet - there are various bits of whitish floss and thread and some more colourful yarn from the easter eggs I made for Alexander to hunt in the garden.