Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I've been a little distracted recently. I'm supposed to be making a ring pillow for my sister's wedding. About 10 days ago, I finished the prototype.


I'll just emphasise that this is a prototype - the 'real' thing will not be purple and blue and green and yellow! Imagine the above in a creamy white colour.

I made the prototype so that I could see how the felt behaved in being made into this sort of thing and to test the size of the actual pillow and the size of the flower and how the flower and the pillow worked together.

I was rather pleased with the prototype. But now, when I should be working on the 'real thing' I keep being distracted by cute crochet.

Last week I just had to make this.


I saw something similar on Flickr, and just had to work out a pattern to make my own. I'm not completely pleased with it - it needs fine tuning, but I don't know when that'll happen.

Over the weekend these tumbled off my hook.

Albert and Boo

I definately need to make at least another half dozen of these! I have all sorts of yarn and colours that I want to try out on them! The instructions for these little birdies are here, as well as in the book Kooky Crochet.

And I have a number of things I want to make for Iona's birthday, one of which I'd like finished by Friday!

Well, at least I'm going to have a few quiet evenings this week as my DH has gone off to Kuwait for work and Alexander is going to stay with my parents in their caravan for a few days.

So no excuse for not having a good go at the wedding pillow at least!