Monday, February 02, 2009

PIFs in the snow

I had an unexpectedly quiet and enjoyable week last week, spending Tuesday to Friday at home with Iona - yay! Just what I was needing after a couple of weeks back at work. It did mean, however, that my time online was fairly limited so there wasn't much blog activity going on.

Now that I'm back at work again today, I thought I'd start this week with a PIF!

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for Mary's PIF.

Some time in the next year, Mary will send 2 fat quarters of fabric to me on condition that I make the same offer on my blog. So, in the next year, I will send 2 fat quarters of fabric to 2 commenters on this post. If there are more than 2 brave volunteers, then I'll have some kind of draw! And with the FQs I might even throw in a ball of yarn and a few other stitchy goodies for you to have fun with!

I'd love to have people volunteering for my PIF who will take the things I send them and use them to do something new or different. So, those who're up for a challenge, roll up, roll up!

For the snowy bit of the post title, it's been snowing here off and on since lunchtime yesterday. Alexander was devastated this morning when I told him his school probably was not closed and he would be going today! I'm sure he'll have his fingers crossed for tomorrow as there's more snow forecast for later this afternoon and overnight. I think this is probably the most snow Alexander has seen, so I hope it lasts for a bit and he can make the most of it. I think Iona wonders what all the fuss is about, but she'll learn! I have very fond memories of childhood snowy days building igloos in the garden and sledgeing in Castlebank Park. I need to get out with my camera and have a bit of fun with the snow.

To end today's post, this seems somehow appropriate!

Snowflake collage


Siobhan said...

Enjoy the snow! Love thes titching! :)

Annie said...

I love the snowflakes. That was a great idea!

geeky Heather said...

Oh, beautiful snowflakes! We are forecast for some tonight...but I seriously doubt we'll get enough to justify me staying home from work. Oh, well!

I'd love to participate in your PIF (if you are OK shipping overseas)! I promise to do something creative, LOL!

Tammy said...

Thx for stopping by my blog! I love the snowflakes you have here!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Hi Lesley,
I saw newsclips of the snow on our Denver news channel and was surprised to see that much snow. However, I do love your snowflake stitchery. Hope you and yours have a "snow day" at home together.

Kathy A. said...

Love love love those snowflakes!!!