Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Sampler (with added snowflakes)

Well, I kind of took your advice to heart and have put my Family Sampler to the back of my mind just now for a break. I just don't have any new starts yet.

This week is half term, so Alexander is off school and we have my parents staying with us. The down side of this is that my evening stitching time is reduced to a minimum, so even if I had been working on my Family Sampler, I wouldn't have been getting very far and probably would have ended up even more fed up!

Early in the week, I did something completely different and charted some of the showflakes from my biscornu. I was surprised at how how much I enjoyed it and how much of a constructive activity I found it to be. So, since then, I have been gradually charting some of those other little ideas to the extent that they are no longer just 'little' ideas! Now I need to do some 'model stitching' (! LOL) before I'm ready to share. And I'm also pleased with the progress I'm making now on my Basket of Biscornu biscornu.

Here are the charts for some of the snowflakes. If anyone stitches any of them - I'd love to hear about it - and I'd be pretty amazed too!


You'll see that I haven't charted the positions of the beads - I'll leave that entirely up to you if or where you add them!


Yoyo said...

Well I don't think you ought to me amazed if we stitch your snowflakes -- they are definitely charming!! I'm going to give it a try soon. Your 15 sided biscornu is a total inspiration. I think these four would make a very pretty little biscornu....more more (LOL).

Kathy A. said...

Thanks hon for giving us the patterns for some of those snowflakes. They are beautiful. I am so envious of that beautiful 15 sided biscornu!

Brigitte said...

Your snowflakes are so beautiful. Don't be surprised when many will stitch them.

Jane said...

Hi, I found you through Moogsmum and I was admiring your Biscornu. It is beautiful and I am amazed it is 15 sides. I Stitched one last year and i'd love to do another, thank you for the inspiration. Jane

Donna said...

You are definitely an inspiration!

Kitty said...

Hope you're having a lovely half term break - personally I could do with it being another week long! x

Julie said...

Hope you had a fun half term and mum and dad enjoyed their visit.

Joko said...

Just loved your 15 side biscornu. The snowflakes are just perfect. Thanks for sharing