Friday, February 20, 2009


I started writing this post in January, but ran out of steam with it as my thoughts were too nebulous to get down on paper. I've come back to it today as I'm having many of the same thoughts now. Maybe I'll get my head round them this time.

The one big advantage of being back at work is that I'm able to spend more time online and I'm loving having to time to trawl round the net being inspired by all the creativity out there. It's really making me feel energised and creative myself too and I have all sorts of ideas for things I want to do. The only problem is finding the time and energy to do them!

I particularly want to thank everybody who has left comments on my previous posts - every one of you inspires me to create and share with you what I'm doing, whether I'm working out my own designs or stitching someone else's. Your comments and feedback are always constructive and inspire me to do more and better.

And I also need to thank Yoyo who also tagged me with the Fabulous Blog award. I should perhaps be listing 5 of my favourite things and tagging others, but I'm going to tie it in with what I'm writing about inspiration here.

My original plan was to share a list of links of the things I've been finding inspitational since I returned to work as I'd been finding the internet itself so inspirational and turning up website gems at a rate I could hardly keep up with. Unfortunately, a lot of these websites seem to fade from my mind as quickly as I find them, so my list is never the same one day to the next. And then, of course, it also varies depending on my mood and different things inspire me for different reasons.

So maybe I should post and note my inspiration more regularly for my own benefit as well as to share. How about 6 things every week?

Anyone care to join me and spread a little inspiration?

Here's my first list.

Vonna - courage in adversity. I hadn't meant to blog today, but then I read her blog.

This post from Hohla at, particularly her beautiful photos and stitching!

Lucy at Attic24 - blog and flickr - all that yarn and colour - makes me want to go home and fill my house with crochet!

Crocuses -

Originally uploaded to Flickr by

The crocuses are just starting to flower in the park I walk through on my way to work. One of the results of feeling more inspired is that I find more inspiration in the world around me too - I need to start carrying my camera around with me all the time to record what I see.

Flickr where you can find amazing photos of almost anything.

My favourites

Slightly more frivolous this one perhaps, but this post from Isabelle Vautier has me dancing round the room cheering - I definately don't want to forget about it!


Julie said...

Well i made it to Vonnas post and didnt get to the other inspitational things ... i;ll have to come back, her words were so moving.

Olenka's Stitches said...

The internet is a great source of inspiration. Oh, yes, Vonna's story is so moving...

Ronel said...

Hi Lesley, I just love your photos of the Crocus flowers, they are awesome! We can’t get them growing in our part of South Africa – far to hot here! Lovely post and truly inspirational.