Friday, February 27, 2009

Inspirational 2

Some of the things I've been finding inspirational this week.

Gay Ann Rogers and her February inspirations. And have you seen her new mystery on her website?

Bargello - for examples, see Liz Morrow's bargello on Picasa, or

I bought a couple of books on bargello over the last few weeks and here's some of what I found to inspire me.

Earth Laughs - I discovered this design from M Designs this week. I love all the flowers and colour and patterns!

'Earth laughs in flowers' is a great quote from E.E. Cummings and inspirational in its own way too. I love the way E.E. Cummings uses words.

Flickr again. This week I've been browsing around photos of Scotland and some of my favourite places.

Inspiration w/c 23 Feb

Among this week's Flick favourites, you'll see some of Jane's appliqued felt brooches - the final item in this weeks list of inspirations - I want them all! They are just so gorgeous - I love all the colour and the way she uses the felt. See her photostream on Flickr or her Etsy shop.

One thing that is definately not inspirational this week, is Bl*gger with all it's word verification issues! I've now switched off word verification on on my blog so that those who were having problems should now be able to comment. For those who talked of switching between Firefox and Internet Explorer - I'm already using IE and still having the problems.

Over the past few weeks I've been making increasing use of Google Reader and discovering all sorts of feeds I can add to it which can be really helpful to track things I tend to forget. I'm now even subscribed to the comments feed from this blog, to my Flickr recent activity and have just discovered that I can subscribe to shop feeds in Etsy to show me when new items are posted! What can I discover next?


Sally said...

That is a really pretty piece from M Designs.

Not sure what blogger are playing at. I wish they wouldn't change things. It still seems to be working for me in IE but not in Firefox. I don't even show as being signed in when I use Firefox even when I am so that must be a glitch with that.

Joyus said...

I so shouldn't have followed your link to the Gay Ann Rogers site, I'm in love with the new mystery!

Kitty said...

Golly, I didn't know you could add things like Flickr activity to Google Reader - thanks for that.

I love all that Bargello - so pretty. x

Yoyo said...

Oh me too, that link to Gay Ann Rogers may cause some upheaval in my stitching in the very near future! I actually joined the her Yahoo group and I truly do not like Yahoo as a forum for groups.

Don't you just love Bargello!!! I've done a lot of it and it is really so easy I don't understand why more stitchers don't get into it.

Nobody has mentioned the new Blogger "Followers" Widget, that is pretty much a pain too! I like Blogger but I really wish they'd just leave it alone. It's kind of like the 'new and improved' version of Ritz Cracker makes it such and nice crispy cracker -- but it's too crisp to dip!! What good is that?

Yoyo said...

I had to pop back in and tell you I discovered Josephine Wall for the first time too today! OH MY GOODNESS, You really are a bad influence (LOL).

Anonymous said...

Love your work, I do polymer clay ... have sent you a personal e mail with some interesting information - Mackenzie :)

Julie said...

Lots of eye candy to inspire me on here today.

Wendy said...

Great links! Thanks for posting them all. But I try to stay away from Etsy shops if I'm in a buying frame of mind!

mary said...

Hi Lesley,
I'm so pleased to know that you like my Earth Laughs design. And I feel the same about the quote, simple words can be very inspiring. Love your bolg, the inspirations are very motivating.


Anonymous said...

Bargello is pretty neat, isn't it? I did not know about the Etsy feeds on Google Reader... I'm going to have to check that out!!