Monday, February 16, 2009

We have a winner! (plus some added bits)

And the winner, thanks to the random number generator, is

Sally - if you could email me with your address, I'll get something into the post for you!

I've hit a bit of a stitching slump since I finished my snowflake biscornu - I went back to my SB Family Sampler, but somehow I'm just not enjoying it And then I went back to the biscornu I'm stitching in my lunch hour for the Basket of Biscornu SAL and discovered that I'm going to have to frog part that I stitched last week.

I need to find something to cheer me up at the moment as I'm generally feeling a bit down, and in particular really not enjoying work. If I could figure out what I wanted to do, I'd apply for another job!

Maybe I should just take a break and start another 15 sided biscornu as I have a whole load of little ideas floating around my head!

Edited later to add:

Have you seen this?

Isn't it lovely? The designer is releasing the chart for one side every couple of days or so - I've downloaded 8 of them this afternoon!

And each little chart would make a lovely mini biscornu in its own right too!


Brigitte said...

Lesley, you should start a new project. This can help you to get out of your slump. And when you have a whole lot of little ideas for another 15 sided biscornu - then go for it!

Julie said...

Your ideas are superb, so i vote start something new and get the creative juices flowing.

Hope you are soon feeling brighter
{{big hug}}

Kitty said...

A new project sounds ideal - just to lift your spirits a little. It's been a bit of a grey old start to the year hasn't it? Not much to smile about ... fingers crossed spring will soon be here. x

Siobhan said...

I agree, you should pull out a new project and get started on that. Stitching is meant to be enjoyed. Sorry you're not feeling the best, either--it's probably the weather and the time of year. Big hugs, and happy belated birthday wishes, too!

Yoyo said...

I always buy a bunch of yellow flowers about this time of year and put them on my desk -- absolutely the best cheer up medicine for me. Or you could start another super biscornu with Spring designs, that might help.

I am working on that Blackwork Biscornu from Stitch Creations, it is a fun little stitching project.

Donna said...

You make me feel guilty not even having finished my first biscornu. But I love that blackwork one!

Sally said...

Wow thank you Lesley! I have emailed you.

I'm with the others and think you should start something new:)

Anita said...

Hello Lesley,

Thank you for placing the picture of my blackwork biscornu and a link to my blog.

I like the biscornu with the pins. It is beautiful.

Greetings Anita.

mainely stitching said...

Sorry to hear you've been a bit down. Me, I'm blaming the end-of-winter blues. Take care!

Solstitches said...

Congrats. to Sally on being the lucky winner.
Thanks for the link to that gorgeous biscornu.
If only I had the patience to do blackwork. I love the look of it but have yet to try doing it.
Feel better soon. Spring is just around the corner!

Jen said...

Hi Lesley, I agree with the others. Start something new, possibly something you wouldn't normally do which is a bit of fun. Something by Margaret Sherry for example. I have really enjoyed doing the Snowmen Biscornu from La Fee Rie this week (found it on the basket of biscornu)and she does some others. I will be doing the back to school one, even though as a teacher that is sometimes the last thing I want to think about!(will be adding your blog to my list). Come and visit mine sometime

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley
I agree with all of the above^^
reckon you should treat yourself to a bunch of daffs and make a start on another 15 sided biscornu - that blackwork one looks nice and quick (for the blackwork part at least) and you could soon be charging around the park with your camera and second biscornu in hand! I know when I'm in a slump, a nice quick design is always the best remedy because it gives instant gratification . . . or just browsing on other people's blogs and getting inspiration is also another booster.
Hope you'll find something to inspire you very soon.