Monday, March 09, 2009

Fame at last!

Back again - slight hiatus last week as it was my turn to catch the cold that's recently been doing the rounds of the office where I work. (Un?)Fortunately, too, I'm the only one in my family who catches most colds - the others all seem to be disgustingly healthy!

Today I feel like I'm famous as I've been featured on Janet Perry's Nuts about Needlepoint blog! She wrote at the end of February that she wanted to feature the galleries and profiles of needlepointers and stitchers on Mondays in March and I was foolish enough to volunteer! So today my stitching is featured on her blog! I'm not sure now whether to hide or to brazen it out - but it's too late to worry about that, I'm out there already!

Advice please -

1. Can anyone recommend to me software for cross stitch design? I'm fed up messing about in Microsoft Paint, so I'm looking for something that will let me chart my ideas easily and allow me to include other stitches as well as cross stitch, but which won't cost a small fortune. Any suggestions?

2. Bit of a rant! Can anyone tell me how to get my followers back or to set up the Google equivalent? I know that the Blogger/Google people were merging the two, but I can't see my followers buttons on my main blog page and when I investigate setting up the Google equivalent, it wants me to put files on the server where my blog lives - given that this is a Blogger blog, I don't have access to the server! And I've seen the Google thing set up on other blogs, so it can't be that complicated! Has it gone screwy for me or have I lost the plot somewhere?


Crafty Cripple said...

I have used the DMC Cross Stitch Designer software for several years and it is pretty straight forward, in fact I used it to chart some fair isle knitting patterns too! I picked it up very cheaply several years ago in PC World but I am sure there are other (newer and possibly better) versions available now.

By the way I can see your followers at the bottom of your blog.

Sheila said...

What a great article about you - congratulations! What is the design/who is the designer for that very first item - the sewing box - it is FABULOUS!!!

Jen said...

I have used Jean Greenoff's CrossStitch Pattern Creator 2. I am getting better. It allows you to chart fractional stitches and probably a lot more. My problem was that I dived straight in and did not do any of the tutorials first.

Your followers list went at about the time everyones changed to the new Google Friend Connect, mine changed automatically. How about reinstalling the followers widget from blogger?

mainely stitching said...

I use PC Cross Stitch Pro. It has it's finer points as well as points that could be seriously improved upon. LOL.

Congratulations on the feature!!

Daffycat said...

I use PCStitch Pro 9. It is a bit costly but worth every penny.

Yoyo said...

Wow, Janet did a really lovely job profiling you. Congratulations, enjoy the fame, pat yourself on the back. I love that first round box, very Kewl.

I see your Followers just fine, it's the Google Friends version too.

I use PC Stitch Pro 9, it has quite a bit of flexibility. I also just purchased MacStitch and am really liking it and will probably start using it exclusively....but then I prefer using my MAC over hubby's PC.

Julie said...

No good asking me techo stuff!

Congrats, a nice read up about you.

LIZ said...

Your "followers" don't show on mine either. Hmmmm.

I have used Patternmaker for Cross Stitch Pro ( for years and like it very much. It is not available for the Mac though.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, you are famous now. Do I have to make an appointment through your agent now LOL LOL.
I can't help with the computer stuff - bit of a dummy there I am LOL.

Jen said...

How strange is this, I've just looked at your blog on one computer and your followers were there. I have now moved to a different computer and they have gone!

Jenna said...

I would recommend Pc Stitch Pro. I had it till I switched to a mac. I really loved the sofetware. The professional version is amazing! It has lists of several threads, beads, fabric, fabric colors. Absolutely amazing. I wish they had it for a mac. is their website. It is pricey but you can get the pro version on ebay for 60 usd or so.