Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wednesday WIP

Today, we have a relative of Billy Buttons on the go.

I had to send Billy and Belinda off to a photographer in Bristol and I don’t have them back yet. But since seeing their pic in Inside Crochet, Iona keeps asking for Belinda. So I started this little project which I’d had in mind using super chunky yarn and a big hook. It’s funny to see it grow so big so quickly!

I have a little something else that I started last night too but didn’t have time for a photo – just a little hairy grey triangle in eyelash yarn that I’m planning to have fun with!
Unfortunately, I’m struggling with a severe lack of motivation just now. What I really want to do is stitch, but when I often struggle to find time for anything, crochet seems easier to pick up and put down.
Maybe I’ll take a day’s leave from work sometime and spend it all needle in hand…… Or maybe I should go back to those odd pieces of stitching that I meant to finish with crochet ……. Or maybe a bit of everything ……..