Friday, July 08, 2011

Introducing Billy and Belinda Buttons

Finally, I can introduce you to Billy and Belinda!

I made them in April/May, wrote up the pattern, photographed them and emailed everything off for the Inside Crochet amigurumi competition!

Billy & Belinda in Inside Crochet, issue 20

Here are pages 10 and 11 of issue 20 of Inside Crochet. See those two adorable bears in the middle? Well, Billy's on the left and Belinda's on the right! If you look closely, you can just about make out my name underneath as a runner up in the competition!


Wow - I am so delighted! Somehow I knew as soon as I'd finished Billy and Belinda that they would do well in the competition - I couldn't even consider the possibility that they wouldn't do well.


I love Billy's face - it's somehow very cute and full of character!


Billy and Belinda's arms and legs are attached by buttons on their bodies and buttonholes in their limbs. I could see children having fun with that, while other amigurumi limbs are fixed.


So their limbs are completely movable, removable and interchangable!

Billy and Belinda Buttons

I'm very proud of Billy and Belinda. The pattern's coming in Inside Crochet in a couple of months.