Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A different sort of WIP!

Sorry – no crochet photos today as I’ve left the lead for my camera at home and can’t upload anything - and I thought I was all organised! So, in best Blue Peter style, here’s one I prepared earlier.

A couple of weeks ago, someone had a birthday! Can you believe it’s been a year already?

I don’t think she would mind too much being referred to as a WIP - she’s such a happy, fun-loving little girl! She’s absolutely desperate to join in with everything her big brother and sister do, and within a few weeks, I can see her toddling off on her own after them. She’s already doing her best to climb the stairs, whenever she can escape from us! It’s be a race between Niamh and her cousin Connor, who’s 4 months older, to see who’s off and walking on their own first!

Poor wee Niamh is currently fighting the effects of heat and dry skin, so she’s covered in scratches and spots! The Health Visitor has now given us some cream for her, so hopefully it’ll help soothe the itching.

I’ve been thinking back to when Alexander was her age – a good 10 years ago! When he was small, I gave up stitching for at least 5 years, I couldn’t find any time for it. So I’ve been reminding myself of that so as not to get too frustrated by the current absence of any stitching in my life. At least I still have crochet and things are very positive on the crochet front!

It seems a bit odd to me, but wandering round the ‘net, it’s the needlepoint pieces I crave the most – Coni, Jan and Liz are all working on Tony Minieri’s Stars of the New Millennium which is looking wonderful! Then I saw Jocelyn’s cool version of Hot Stuff from DebBee’s Designs – gorgeous, or what? And that one’s in my stash too! And then there’s Laura’s Red White and Blue panel which I love, although I’m not a red white and blue person – maybe I could stitch a version in Scottish colours – navy, white, maybe a bit of purple or green? And of course a new panel from Laura reminds me of Laura’s first One Long Panel which is also in my stash, as is her Daisy Chain, and then there’s her Color Study: Starry Nights which I have started on stretcher bars ……

Of course, I mustn’t forget Nova either – surely I could fit in the odd square here and there? Hmm ……

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