Monday, March 23, 2009

Life without stash

Well, hopefully this week will return a bit more to normal! Last week just seemed to descend into chaos and I feel as if I'm still recovering from the 3 hours I spent last Wednesday night comforting Alexander while he threw up! Fortunately, he's recovered now and went back to school today.

Consequently, my head feels as if it's stuffed with cotton wool today and I'd like nothing better to do than to stick my head in the sand and wait for today to go away!

I don't have any stitchy pictures to share at the moment - I've stitched and crocheted quite a lot over the last couple of weeks, but everything I've made is being sent to someone else from my biscornu in the Tiny Treasures Exchange (which I managed to send off to my partner without photographing ), to gifts and birthday presents for various friends.

However, I though I'd share with you a couple of photos of my bedroom to illustrate the title of this post.

It really was my bedroom up until 2 or 3 weeks ago! There's still a bed in there somewhere! The room has now been filled with the contents of our loft (at least 15 years of it) as we're having new loft insulation laid today, courtesy of the local council - and who'd say no to that? I'm now sharing bunk beds with Alexander - me on top, him below. (DH won't allow Alexander to sleep on the top, convinced he'll roll out in the middle of the night.) I find to top bunk a bit claustrophobic - the ceiling is too near and the side of the bed sticks up to stop me rolling out in the middle of the night!

As to the title of this post - guess where I keep my stash?

Fortunately, all my floss is stored elsewhere and I managed to rescue my box of beads before it became completely inaccessible. And I have one or two things out that I was planning to work on. But, other than that I won't see my stash again until the room is cleared and goodness knows when that will be!

Finally, as requested, here are the rest of the snowflakes from my biscornu.



I also stitched a variation on this one (above), using Rhodes stitches instead of the eyelets. I think the eyelet version came out better - I certainly liked it better, and, typically, I don't seem to have a photo of the Rhodes stitch version.


So, if you take the four snowflakes described here, the four snowflakes in this post and the four of Janet Perry's December twinchy snowflakes, that makes 12. The other ones I stitched were based on images I found on Flickr, but I don't like them enough to chart them and post them here. So, if your want to stitch the 15 sided biscornu, you'll have to make up another 3 yourself! LOL! Or if the inspiration strikes, I'll make up some more myself!

The tutorial on putting together the 15 sided biscornu is here.

I'll go away now and leave you in peace!