Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gifts and Pieces

I’ve been a bit busy over the last week or so, so I’m behind in blogging and even more behind in reading blogs – Google Reader says I’ve still got 178 items to catch up with!

First for the gifts -

I sent a parcel to Deb a couple of weeks ago with some things for her, Jessica and Kellan. Jessica’s been in touch to say they’ve been received and much admired!

Lenny shows off his new friend

The larger lion was for Kellan and his little friend for mum Jessica.

crocheted bowl

I also crocheted this bowl for Jessica. I was really pleased with the bottom, bowl part. I crocheted two bowls, one a little smaller than the other and then put the smaller one inside the larger one and crocheted a row of dc (American sc) around the top to attach both layers together. I’m really pleased with how it worked out – it just makes the whole bowl a little more rigid to stand better and it a really neat way to do it.

And I made this bowl for Deb.


However, when it was finished, I really didn’t like it – the bowl sides weren’t reinforced and lined like I did with Jessica’s, so they were just too floppy. I ended up taking the bowl to pieces and making this purse instead - I like it a lot better!


I’m really glad they all like what I made!

Now for the pieces -

Google reader - I’m reminded of something I meant to mention that I dislike about Google Reader – if I mainly read blogs through Google, then I’m less likely to comment. If I read the actual blog then I’m more likely to comment. And I like to comment – I start to feel kind of out of touch if I don’t comment regularly, but Google Reader doesn’t make it simple! It isn’t exactly complicated, but it’s not automatic, at least for me!

Blogger followers - I think this must be an Internet Explorer problem – I can’t see my followers either at home or at work and both use IE. I should perhaps load up another browser (Firefox?) at home and try it out, but the laptop’s starting to seem painfully slow! I think the people at blogger must know about it, going by the messages posted on their help forum. As usual, however, they aren’t being very communicative about telling anybody what they’re doing about it. At the moment, I much prefer the old way of displaying followers as it made it much simpler to navigate to a follower’s blog and keep in touch. Unfortunately, I don’t have that option.

Software - I asked a while ago about suggestions for software for cross stitch design – thanks for all your comments on the subject. It looks like PC Stitch Pro is the most popular, but it is rather expensive and I’m not ready to commit myself to that expense yet. While rummaging around the Internet, I found this page which compares programs – very useful! I’ve now downloaded and am using KG Chart which is free and which is letting me do what I want to do for now. Unusually for free software, it does allow speciality stitches!


Julie said...

What darling little bowls, you are so inspring, i love the little Leo lion too.

Kitty said...

All the 'bits' are wonderful Lesley - you are so talented.

I must admit I'd never go back to IE from Firefox now - I find it quicker, and they say it's much more secure since most viruses are 'made' for IE. Occasionally there is a site that doesn't work well with it (Tesco!!) so I just open IE when I need to order some shopping.

Hope you get it sorted.


mainely stitching said...

Oh, those lions just slay me! They are ADORABLE!!!

Paula said...

They all look great.

Sheila said...

Your bowls are great, but I just love the lions, especially the miniature one - he is adorable :)

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh! I am in awe of your talents. Absolutely amazing. I can't wait to show my crochet-loving daughter when she gets in from school!

Wendy said...

What lovely gifts you have made! The bowl/purse are terrific and I love the lions :-D

Jessica said...

The lions are so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing them! :)

And I had never known that there were programs for making cross-stitch designs (I'm pretty new to blogging). Thanks for the info, I think I'm going to try out the same program too!

Kathy A. said...

Love love love those little lions. You are a multi talented lady.

Karoline said...

They're all very cute, congratulations

monique said...

That teeny lion is the cutest thing ever! Lovely bowls, too :)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to give KG Chart a try, since I am also new to designing my own and would like to give it a shot. Thanks for the link! OMG, your parcel to Deb was just too cute. I LOVE that lion! He's absolutely adorable!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dearest Lesley, Words cannot tell you what a surprise and how delighted both Jessica and I, and of course, Kellan were to receive your package of beautiful treasures!!! I have to say that every little, tiny thing was so intricate and delicately made that it was just unbelievable. I'm not sure if I can choose a favorite! That darling lion was a Kellan pleaser, though, and went right in the mouth as he's teething like mad right now!! ha!! Jessica just oooed and ahhed over her precious bowl, which I think she plans to add small treasures didn't tell everyone you had put glass beads and little treasures in it, too. I love my purse with the different colored roses!! You couldn't have made me happier! All the time and effort you put into these things, Lesley....I'm just so humbled and grateful for your love and friendship. Thank you. Love and hugs, Deb