Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This week, part 2 - time to show off!

Lots of photos in this post!

I finished this at the end of last year, but haven't had time to blog about it up to now.

I said in November that I'd had a bit of inspiration regarding my Mystery in a Corner from Gay Ann Rogers - well, it worked!

In June, when I finished part 1, it looked like this.

But I wasn't really happy with it. The design was beautiful, and I loved the stitches, but I wasn't happy with my choice of threads and fibres which made the colour scheme far too pale.

My inspiration was to add a new colour of perle cotton in part 2, and I knew exactly what colour to use.

Mystery in a Corner

The problem then was how to introduce the same colour to part 1, but with a minimum of frogging. I decided the answer was to add some beads. Later, I changed that to Swarovski crystals, just for that extra bit of fun and sparkle. And, in adding the beads I changed the charted Rhodes stitches to Jessicas.


Finally, I had seen Laura's version of MIAC with her border and loved it and wanted to do something similar.

So I did, and here's the end result!

Finished - My Mystery in a Corner!

Can you tell that I'm delighted with it?


It really is a beautiful design and once I sorted out my colour dilemma, I absolutely loved stitching every stitch! The instructions were everything I could have wanted which is a good thing as I splashed out and bought some more of Gay Ann's designs when she had her e-week sale in the autumn!


Paula said...

It looks gorgeous.

Kathy A. said...

That is such a stunning piece. I absolutely love your color choices and the Swarovski crystals add that bit of glitz. Fabulous finish!

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh!! That is stunning. I love the addition of the crystals--it just is so pretty!

Julie said...

Stunning finish

Sandra said...

Wow Lesley! I can see why you're delighted with it, it's a masterpiece!

BTW Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kitty said...

It's absolutely gorgeous Lesley - no wonder you are pleased with it. Will you frame it and hang it somewhere it can be seen? I know I would! x

Karoline said...

It's gorgeous Lesley, congratulations

Moogsmum said...

What a beautiful piece of work Lesley! Your stitching is exquisite and I love the extra colour and sparkle that you added - gorgeous :-)


Nancy said...

This is absolutely stunning! Your work is very amazing.

Annie said...

That is a beautiful piece! Such lovely colors and variety of stitches. I used to do that type of work many years ago, but I haven't done any for a long time. You are re-sparking my interest!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be returning to yours now that I've discovered it!

LIZ said...

Love the jewels! Great job!

mainely stitching said...

Wow, Lesley, it looks fabulous!

monique said...

gorgeous! I love your colors!!

Sheila said...

Absolutely stunning. I love the colour choices you made and the added beads... oooh it´s gorgeous!

Laura said...

Lesley: I love the way you finished your piece. Love that finished border - grin!!
And your colors (and the ripple effect of the finishing borders) reminds me of the seashore. Very yummy piece. Congratulations on finishing it!

Nina said...

Hello Lesley,

This is wonderful!!
And thanks for your coments on my blog :)

Happy day!


geeky Heather said...

Oh, that's beautiful!! I absolutely love your changes.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

I love this, Lesley!!! Great job of making it your own!! Hugs, Deb