Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh dear!

Well, now that I'm back at work, I'm back to my old habit of browsing around various web pages and blogs, reading about what everybody's stitching and what's going on in the stitching world. And, boy!, do I seem to be in the mood for being enabled this week!

First of all, I saw this on Margie's blog.

Doesn't it look beautiful? I've long drooled over CA Wells's Pyramid Etui (btw, have you seen Karoline's? It's soooo gorgeous!) but am probably unlikely to ever get my hands on the necessaries, so might this be the next best thing? It's a joint project designed by With My Needle, Cherished Stitches, The Stitching Parlour and Praiseworthy Stitches, to be released as a limited edition in February but can now be pre-ordered.

That led me to discover this.

Quaker Turtles by With My Needle - they're so cute, I really must stitch them too!

Oh dear!

And then I saw this too!

Chatelaine workshop 01! Looks like it uses some of my favourite colours, and lovely Jessica stitches! And Martina has some more new gorgeous designs, like her Autumn Watergarden and Mini Mandala V.

What's a girl to do?

Thanks for all the good wishes over my return to work. Iona's done really well this week and is quickly getting used to our new arrangements for her during the day. In the evenings she is still a bit unsettled as she probably wants to stay up longer as DH, Alexander and I are usually all around and she sees us and wants to play, but at the same time is really tired. Give her a little more time and she'll settle. I'm just glad she's doing so well during the day.

Finally, a pic of what I've been working on this week, although my time for it has been fairly limited, what with putting children to bed, washing dishes and preparing baby food! Here goes, my Shepherd's Bush Family Sampler.

I've spent all week working on that sheep! (Sorry for the useless photo - I never seem to be at home when it's light this week!)


Sally said...

LOL! I saw the etui too but decided against it because I don't think I could make it up!

Love your family sampler. It's so pretty. I think I might save up for this one.

Margie said...

I love that SB pattern. I don't know why I don't do more from them, I LOVE SB. I guess I just forget to look at them when I'm chart shopping. I've had Quaker Turtles sitting in my WIP pile for months now. I'm going to restart them next week I think. I'm not the largest fan of over one though as it takes me forever to stitch. :-)

Kathy A. said...

Glad to hear that things are settling in with your return to work. You are such an enabler. Now I'm craving that etui you showed. Will have to see what I can fine lol.

Erna said...

Hi Lesley, I love the etui. I gave you an award,but as I'm new I really don't know if I have done the rights things hahaha. But I hope you're happy with it.
Bye my new Scottish friend

Olenka's Stitches said...

Hi Lesley,
Thank you for commenting on my blog.
This is my first visit here. You have lots of pretty and interesting works. Your Tutti Frutti Biscornu is adorable and the family Sampler looks so lovely.
Happy stitching,

Julie said...

Nice enabling, lots of eye candy on here LOL

Siobhan said...

Hi Lesley, thanks for commenting on my blog! I've enjoyed looking through your blog. I am in awe of your skill with various needle arts! Wow! Your kids are gorgeous, too! Your Family Sampler looks great--wonderful progress.

Mary said...

Great progress on Family Sampler. The colors are so pretty. There are so many wonderful things to stitch, but never enough time to do all that we want to...right? Have a great week.