Monday, March 31, 2008

Well, I'm still here and all's quiet on the baby front. I've been struggling a little to get time online over the last 10 days as I have DS and DH at home for the Easter holiday which is quite nice. It's a bit strange having a whole 2 weeks holiday at home - usually we'd go away somewhere like to my parents, but given the circumstances, I really didn't want to risk going into labour half way up the M6 motorway or in some other equally delightful , remote location! LOL!

I had a productive week last week and finished stitching my bit on Lizzy's RR - it's now winging it's way across the Atlantic.

We've all been stitching LHN's Dear Diary designs for Lizzy and her RR looks fantastic!

I think I only have one more RR to stitch on and then I'll be done. It really has been great fun to do! I may have to find another one to join when this is finished and hopefully when things settle down with the baby. I'm not sure I fancy a Neighbourhood RR at the moment, but I do like the idea of the Seasonal Dragons RR Leslie, Jenna, Christine and Outi did last year. I have the chart for the dragons in my stash and kitted it up at one point. I've also got a bit of hand dyed fabtic I think would be fantastic for it.

A big THANK YOU now to Barbara who sent me this gorgeous little door hanger.

Isn't it beautiful? I love the purple colours of the fabric and it's such a sweet little design! This came about as I commented on Barbara's Un-birthday post and was one of the 12 to receive a gift. Barbara wanted to make me something to fit the baby theme and I think she's made a wonderful choice. Thank you very much Barbara!


Vonna said...

What a lovely RR that Lizzy's is turning out to be! I love it :)
And I love Barbara's doorknocker too! How sweet is that?! She outdid herself on that front : )

Cheryl said...

Lizzy's RR looks so great! Im stitching all these pieces myself now since seeing Lizzy's rr. I love it.
Havent received the next rr yet so you will have quite a break before the next one. Im sure you will be glad of that with baby's arrival!!
Barbara's gift to you is lovely :)

Kathy A. said...

That is just beautiful. I think that is one of the nicest neighborhoods I have seen. Your little pillow from Barbara is very nice. How much longer till baby comes?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I bet you can't wait!!!!!

Love all your stitching! Lucy x

Barbara said...

What a great RR!! :D

And I'm so glad you like your unbirthday gift. :D

I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes smooth and easy!

Julie said...

The RR looks wonderful, what a great theme to stitch.

Gorgeous little gift too

Lesley said...

Wise move staying at home - the M6 would not be the nicest place to give birth!

Good luck and I hope baby comes soon :)


Mary said...

Love the RR design. The gift from Barbara is so sweet and she did a fabulous finish.

Sally said...

Lovely yo see posting Lesley. Lizzy's RR is looking fantastic and I love the gift you received from Barbara.

Kitty said...

You're still not ready to 'pop' then? I was wondering how you were the other day! All that stitching is so lovely - you must be the most patient person in the land.

Good luck with things in the next little while - I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be thinking of you. x

Wanda said...

The RR looks wonderful! Barbara stitched a lovely pillow very pretty!

Itching To Stitch said...

Lizzy's RR looks great ;)