Monday, February 11, 2008

I my Q-Snaps!

Looks like a new start (and my q-snaps) was just what I needed! I spent the most of my weekend stitching on a range of different things, no apathy or any problem with motivation at all.

Julie warned me that I'd start to wonder how I'd managed without q-snaps up until now, and it hasn't taken long to find out she was right. In no time at all, I was marvelling at how simple it all was to set up, how well it holds the fabric and keeps the tension.

As I was splashing out and investing in q-snaps, I also bought some different sizes - a 8" square, 11" square and a couple of 17" legs. I love the way I can take them all apart to make myself a frame exactly the right size for the project I'm working on. I started out making a 8" x 11" frame and getting started on 'A Celebtation of Love'.

The q-snaps were wonderful, but I'm not happy with the heart in the middle. The filling is stitched in white DMC stranded cotton and I just don't like the way it's lying, despite all my railroading, it just looks a mess to me. I know I'm being over fussy as I want it to be 'perfect' for my sister's wedding, so I'm going to swap the DMC for a white silk and see if I like that better.

Next up was Paradigm Lost as I just had to try out the 17" x 11" q-snap combination.

You could say that I bought the q-snaps specially for PL as I was resisting putting it onto one of my scroll frames and had just been using my biggest hoop. And again, the q-snaps were perfect, just what was needed! I still haven't completely worked out how to keep the extra fabric out of the way, but I'm sure I have some bulldog clips or some hair clips somewhere which will do the trick!

All in all the q-snaps beat the hoops hands down any day! I'm not yet convinced that I'd want to take something as big as MTM off its scroll frame and onto the q-snaps, particularly when it gets bigger than the biggest q-snap frame I can make. But maybe that will become an excuse for buying more q-snaps and the extension thingies you can get?

To finish off, I had another nice visit from the postman on Saturday with a couple of back issues of Classic Stitches I'd ordered as well as this fabric.

Isn't it just gorgeous?


Vonna said...

I HEART my Q-snaps too! :)
Let me tell you...the big why I got my floor stand! Another little "hint" about Q-snaps is: using a length of felt under your clamp....just cut up some felt and put them on top of the fabric then snap the clamp'll never stitch without the felt underneath again...they protect stitched areas if you have to clamp on top of stitching and they hold the fabric perfectly taut for long periods of time! :) Try'll love them even more!

Anita said...

Lovely stitching. I love that fabric. I have bought a few set of Q snaps, but I have a hard time holding it to stitch. Since I am only into smalls, I stitch by hand most of the time.

Mary said...

I resisted trying Q-snaps for the longest time, and only started using about a year them! I find that I can only stitch comfortably with the 6" and 8", as the larger sizes make my hand hurt after a long time. I have carpal tunnel, or did until recently. Had surgery in Nov, but still makes it hard to hold. I think your stitching is lovely on Celebration. It's going to be so pretty in white.

Barbara said...

Yep, I'm also a dyed-in-the-wool Q-snaps lover. I have several sizes, too. :D

Lynn said...

I love my Q-snaps too lol
I think the heart looks lovely but I know what you mean about wanting it just perfect :)

Sally said...

I love q snaps too! Well mine are R&R frames but they're more or less the same!

Both your WIPs are beautiful.

Wendy said...

Q-snaps are a great invention, no more nasty ring marks on the fabric! But be careful with the bigger sizes, they are heavy and hard to hold on to for long.

You look to be working at the same place as I am on PL!

tkdchick said...

I'm glad you're loving your q's. I only use them when I find a linen is too shifty to stitch in hand.

Your projets look so pretty!