Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I was back at the hospital this morning picking up the kit for home monitoring my blood pressure and while it was all fresh in my mind, I thought I'd give an update on my pregnancy as well as noting it down for my own benefit.

I'm now 28 weeks pregnant and with only one or two exceptions, my blood pressure has been absolutely fine! This is a big relief to me as it's one thing I have been worrying about. Last time I was on tablets for it by about 16 weeks, so things are looking good. A key date comes in 6 weeks (that all?) when I get to 34 weeks which is when the pre-eclampsia kicked in big time last time. Fingers crossed all will be well.

Generally speaking I'm feeling well too, I just get tired. Being pregnant at 40 feels like much harder work than being pregnant at 33 ever did! I have tired days when I feel like I'm going around with a lead weight strapped to my belly and I wonder how I'm going to keep going until April. In some ways, I'm glad that my job mainly involves sitting in front of a computer all day, so at least I don't have to do something physically demanding.

I got myself a rather tired and run down in the run up to Christmas and this led to my having a lot of doubts about having the baby, about its impact on me, my DH, my DS and our family as a whole. Having arrived on the other side of Christmas now, I feel a lot better about things and can see that a lot of the things I've been worrying about can't be predicted, but there's no harm in simply acknowledging that I have these concerns that can only be answered after the baby arrives.

My main worry is how my DS will react. He's so lovely as he is, I just don't want him to feel left out, rejected or disadvantaged in any way. But as long as I bear that in mind, I can take steps to try and avoid that.

DS can also be quite funny - he's asking lots of questions, like how I got the seed from Daddy to make the baby grow in my tummy. It can be quite challenging to think up answers appropriate to a 7 year old! There have been one or two occasions where I've told him that I'll answer his questions when he's older, that he doesn't need to know the answer now. To which he asks if he'll be old enough for me to tell him tomorrow?

I'm aware that recently I've been saying in posts how well my stitching has been going, but I haven't shown any stitchy pics of what I've been up to! I keep telling myself that at the end of this week, I'll have reached a point when I'm ready to share. Somehow that point just hasn't arrived yet.

I also have a big thing for Leanne's House Block of the Month Quilt - I would sooo love to make this. I like the block of the month idea, breaking it down into less intimidating chunks. But I have no idea whether I would actually get round to making it, particularly when I've never done any quilting before. But at the same time I'm sooo tempted. Having seen that Sonya is working on it, I'm so jealous!


Vonna said...

Being a mother of 4, I can tell you...I had those same thoughts about when I was pregnant the second time as well, Katie was only like 16 mos. old at the time, and I thought she's my baby and hows it going to be with her and another baby? She'll feel left out in the cold. Then I found out they were twins...YIKES, that was worse...now she definitely would be impacted!! But really all those worries are for naught. I was busy, no two ways around that...but Katie "helped" Mama, and loved her babies and everything although didn't go 100% as I wanted them to go, they went the way they should of went and it all turned out fine :) Your son will be in awe of his baby and will love it like there's no tomorrow!

Good luck with the BP and I'll be thinking of you about the Pre-eclampsia...I suffered from that with #1.

Barbara said...

You're already 28 weeks??! Good grief, the time is flying.

As Vonna said, the worries about how an older sibling will react to a baby are usually nothing but worries - the reality of the situation tends to go very well. Our Rowen, who is undeniably spoilt, absolutely adores her baby brother. When she got in trouble at daycare for getting angry at a baby who "stole" her blocks, she was told that her brother may do that when he gets a little older. "That's different," she replied, "because he's my BROTHER!" LOL!!

Itching To Stitch said...

I'm so glad you are feeling well. I loved it when I was pregnant, I actually felt better pregnant than not. Hope everything continues to go well ;)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Lesley, I felt the same as you when I was pregnant with my second baby too. But you just need to keep focussed on how the new baby is going to be "our baby" or when talking about it with your son - things will be different and you won't have as much one to one time with him but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing - think of all the benefits there will be for him too! Lucy x

Sally said...

So pleased to hear you're doing well:)

Anita said...

I was pregnant with my only son when I was 40 and I know how it feels. I did not have blood pressure issue but I had blood sugar issue and was put on insulin. I was miserable. I know there are lots of things in your mind now, just relax and enjoy the stage that you are in. Things will work out at the end. Take good care of yourself and wait for the arrival of your baby.

Cheryl said...

Im glad you are feeling relatively ok. I cant believe you're 28wks pregnant already though. Time sure flies.
I love that quilt you linked. Looks quite complicated though...i wouldnt like to attempt that for my first quilt :)

Monkee Maker said...

Don't worry, your son will probably revel in his role of BIG BROTHER!

And remember that last time you didn't have DS to look after as well, so it's not the age thing making you tired at all .... especially as 40 is the new 30 ....

Good luck with it - and with those awkward questions!


monique said...

I love Leanne's House, too! I've never seen where to actually buy it, though, or I'd probably have it :)

I'm sure you are tired... you have another one to look after already! I'm glad to hear you are feeling well!

Von said...

I had my last child at 40 too and it was just plain tiring! Guess having six others in the house could have had something to do with that, but they weren't all small. :D

I'm glad all is well so far and I'll be staying tuned for further updates!