Friday, August 10, 2007

Thoughtful Heart

I was really pleased with the progress I made on my holiday project, Thoughtful Heart from Shepherd’s Bush. So much so that I actually finished it on Sunday! I can’t believe it took me less than 2 weeks to complete it.

I’m also particularly pleased as I bought this as the chart alone (not the complete kit) on ebay and converted the threads to DMC. I think the conversion worked really well, although I did change all the yellow after I arrived back home from holiday.

I particularly loved the speciality stitches, they are my best thing – I love them, kiss kiss (sorry, too much Little Wolf). I really like the texture added by those areas of Ukranian Whitework.

I was initially also a bit sceptical at first about only using one strand of thread, but now I really appreciate the delicate effect.

The conversion I used is as follows:

Colour DescriptionSoie ’Alger colourDMC colour
Pale Rose4147225
Middle Rose4632778
Deep Rose4634316
Plum 4635902
Pale Purple3332211
Middle Purple51133041
Deep Purple51143740
Pale ButterF13823
Pale Green3721369
Middle Green37133052
Deep Green37153051
Gold 4235436
Deep Grey (Kreinik, Silk Mori)8055646
Pale Grey34213024
Crème F2Ecru
Butter F19745

I used some online sources to convert as many colours as I could and then did a bit of a floss toss to fill in the gaps and make sure all the colours fitted together in the overall palette.

The online sources I used include:


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! You did a great job of the conversion :) Would you be interested in trading or selling the chart? (just thought I'd ask :) )

Cheryl said...

ooh beautiful work Lesley. Are you going to frame it? Those conversion links may come in useful for me sometime so thanks for posting those!
Glad my RR arrived with you, that's a relief

Vonna said...

Really, beautiful! Honestly...gorgeous! Congrats!!

Sally said...

Welcome bacl! I'm a bit behind on my blog reading this week I'm afraid.

Love your SB finish. It is so delicate and pretty.

Carla said...

Gorgeous!! Wondeful job!

Mindi said...

Beautiful, and the conversion turned out great.

Carol said...

Thoughtful Heart does look fantastic!! Your conversion is working splendidly!