Friday, October 21, 2011

Fits and starts

Hi there!

Well, fits and starts has been exactly how my week's crafty stuff has gone. Out of the whole week, I only felt that I achieved anything yesterday.

So no finishes this week, I'm having a WIP Friday and sharing a pic of the WIPs I've worked on this week. Maybe the fact that there's so many of them accounts for the lack of finishes! LOL!

A certain person has been away with his Gran and Grandpa this week (it's half term), so I've started a Pokemon amigurumi for his birthday or Christmas - I've got a head and a bum so far. He's away on a school trip next week, so I'll be trying to get as far as I can before next Friday.

You'll see I still haven't chosen the final floss for my trees either - I feel like I'm spending far too much time looking for the perfect colour!

Finally, I've also got around to sharing pics of Billy and Belinda in Inside Crochet!

Inside Crochet with Billy Buttons

My name in lights!

Hey - aren't those my photos?

Just as a final thought, I'm not feeling particularly inspired today - please share a link with me that inspires you! Here's something I found yesterday that I'd love to find time for.

See you next time!


erin said...

that's so exciting so see your patterns in a magazine!

this is a blanket I look at pretty much anytime I need inspiration:

Amy said...

That is so neat! WTG :)