Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Windmills of my mind


Very helpfully this morning, I’ve managed to leave my camera at home, so I’ve no photos of my own to share today. Not that there’s any particularly exciting on the WIP front. So it looks like today’s post is just going to be a bit of a ramble around my mind!

I now have a back and a front of a knitted monkey. I’m surprised at how fast it’s knitted up, despite the fact that my crafty time seems to be getting more and more limited! The back and front of the monkey don’t exactly look like the back and front of a monkey as the edges are all curled up – I might have to get the iron out. It’s funny, but until I started reading about crochet and knitting online, I’d never heard of blocking, despite the fact that I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was a child. (The stitching came much later – there are no other stitchers in my family, although my mum knits and one sister crochets.)

Julie commended about knitting being very relaxing and how she’s doing more knitting and crocheting than stitching at the moment. I know what she means – I think knitting and crochet just require a bit less concentration than stitching, so they can be easier to work on at times.

I still haven’t started stitching my trees yet – still working out what I want to do with the different floss colours. I’m planning to keep the number of different colours to a minimum in the hope keeping the concentration levels fairly relaxed – I might have narrowed it down to just 2 colours now, although the red/orange is a bit strong in one of them. I may just break the thread at that point and not use so much of that shade.

This is probably the sort of colour scheme I want for my trees!

Anyway, I hate posting without photos, so for the sake of a few pics, I thought I’d tell you about something I’m working on via Pinterest. I blogged ages ago about how I can find working with colour difficult and don’t feel especially confident about choosing colours for a project.

So, one of the things I’m collecting on Pinterest is colour palettes. I particularly like the palettes from sites like Design Seeds or Photo Card Boutique where they give a photo for inspiration and a palette to go with it. I’mm saving up my favourites in a folder on Pinterest – that’s where the pics in this post have come from. Sometime I’ll kit up some stitching based on one of these colour palettes – I’m already looking forward to doing it!


heather said...

Gorgeous! I love exploring color palettes and thinking where they would translate best...things to wear, room design, etc. These are gorgeous!

Vivianne said...

Thanks so much for the links to the color palette sites: I'd no idea that sort of thing existed. Very interesting - and pretty :-)

Keri said...

This is a brilliant idea. Thanks so much for posting the link.

Julie said...

Loving the colour pallettes, what a clever idea, will have to remember this next time i am spending hours trying to choose colours that match, thanks x