Monday, March 14, 2011

Time flies again! And I don't quite know where the last 2 weeks have gone. Last week was mostly taken up with 3 colds - Iona's, Niamh's, and mine. We don't seem to have caught all that many colds this winter, but we have managed to pick up a couple of really nasty ones. Hopefully we're all on the mend now.

Little crafty activity to tell, but I can happily report that ZeroX1 and Captain Monkeypants survived a trip in the washing machine last Friday - we were all very brave!


I'm starting to conclude that I'm going to have to dig out knitting needles to make another companion for ZeroX1 as he is just far too popular in our house to share!

I picked up a copy of the April issue of Inside Crochet last week and found a competition to design a crochet toy - as part of the prize, the pattern will be published in the magazine. So I'm going to give that a go - I've come up with several ideas to choose from. One is now being prototyped and I'm still making copious notes on another! We'll see where that gets to!

On that subject, I keep having surreal conversations with Alexander concerning ears. Ears have been causing much concern! And Alexander's not necessarily all that interested, but he listens and then asks if I'll crochet him a Pokemon like Victini or Zekrom. I've conceded that I might make him a Munna!