Monday, March 28, 2011

3 courses of antibiotics and a ventolin inhaler ......

Spoke too soon last time I blogged! By the end of that week all 3 of us were on antibiotics, and the following week Niamh was wheezing enough to be given a ventolin inhaler. That alarmed me slightly as, although I'm asthmatic and know it doesn't have to be a problem, how would you diagnose and manage asthma in a baby? Fortunately it was just a virus and seems to be clearing up now. However, we're not quite clear yet as Iona is being sick every couple of days or so, and Niamh isn't drinking her milk properly yet. We'll get there, eventually!

On the plus side, a bit of sunshine seems to have been just what I needed to cheer me up and I've been really enjoying having all this time to spend with my two girls! It's possible too that Iona is learning to listen to what she's told and isn't quite such a handful. However, she still can't be trusted around yoghurt!