Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Return of the Jedi Stash

Remember this, back at the end of March?

Well, look at it now!!

We have our bedroom back AND I can get at my stash!

The loft has been insulated, and we've sorted through most of the boxes and bags that came down, put a lot of stuff back and got rid of a lot too. Now that everything has gone back, I can hardly believe how empty the loft is! But I'm so pleased to have reduced the 15 years worth of junk! There's even space to put more stuff up there - LOL!

While sorting through all the boxes, I was really pleased to rediscover some of my stash from the 1990s when I first started stitching. Things like these magazines -

I remember falling in love with the cover project but not knowing enought to know what to do about it or how to stitch it. That may be different now.

And this one - see that dragon in the corner? I knew enough to be able to do something about that one.

Dragon pillow

And whatever happened to Needlework magazine?

Of course, I also found cross stitch patterns and a lot of books which I no longer want. Once I sort them out and photograph them, I'll be putting a lot of it up for sale.

There were also one or two odd things in the loft that I was really pleased to find.

I remember occasionally being allowed to play with this tea set when I was a child. I think the pictures are mostly fairy tales, but I've no idea where the donkey comes from, or what it's doing!

And then there were these.

Memories of summer holidays spent collecting cowries on the beach at North Berwick.