Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Never again!

For the latest exchange on the Tiny Treasures Exchange, I had to make a floss ring tag for my partner.

It was my first floss ring tag and, at this point in time, it feels like my last! Yes, I enjoyed stitching the little design I used, but the finishing of the tag itself was rather a nightmare!

Perhaps as it was my first I should perhaps have made a square one that I could have whip-stitched together, but I chose instead to make an oval one and had no end of problems trying to get the outlines of the two sides to match up, even though the were identical to begin with! All I can say is, thank goodness my glue didn’t dry too quickly as at one point I had to resort to taking it apart completely and starting again.

Even the simple job of making the hole and putting in the eyelets seemed fraught and the end result isn’t quite as neat as I would have liked.

But at least the final result doesn’t look too bad!

My first floss tag

My partner in the exchange was Theresa who emailed at the start of the week to say she’d received the parcel.

Swap parcel

The design I used for the tag is one I designed myself. It’s part of a range of designs I’ve been working on since the early this year. My biggest problem has been finding the time to stitch my designs. Here is the chart - click on the image and you should get a larger version.

I stitched my floss tag on 32 count jobelan from Polstitches, the colour’s called Neptune. I’d originally envisaged the design stitched on white or ecru but as Theresa likes the colour green, I decided to stitch it on green fabric – I rather like the end result.

The final item in my parcel for Theresa was this.

Mystery animal revealed

As she says on her blog, she likes giraffes, so I made her one. And he/she’s so gorgeous I’ll have to make more. I have to confess it’s that first time something I’ve made seems to have appealed to Iona so much – she would pick it up by the head and wander around with it, not letting go! It was a wrench to send it to Theresa!

Ooh - and while I remember, there have been a few changes here at work and at the moment I have very little time left online. I think I'm more or less keeping up with blog reading, but I'm struggling with commenting! I need to find a new sort of balance between everything.