Monday, June 02, 2008

A glorious day!

Well, I've got the photos uploaded now, so I can share what we were all up to over the bank holiday weekend.

It was the big weekend of the year as far as my family's concerned as it was my sister's wedding. The wedding was held in Scotland, so it was also Iona's first trip to Scotland and her first long car journey - not something I'd particularly been looking forward to.

Anyway, all the travelling went well, the weather was fantastic, my sister was a beautiful bride and we all had a great weekend.

I need to show you how I finally finished the ring pillow for my sister.

I bought some lace on ebay and overlayed it on some ivory fabric, framing the stitching. It worked really well - the white on white stitching complemented the lace well and almost looked lacy too. My sister and her husband were both really pleased with it.

For the wedding I also made myself a corsage which I was really pleased with.


And the wedding itself.


Finally, Iona's smile. I remember when my son was a baby, trying to take photos of him smiling. All I ended up with was photos of him looking drunk! At least Iona doesn't look drunk, but the photo doesn't do her justice - you just can't see how beautiful she is as the smile lights up her entire face.



Barbara said...

That is a seriously happy looking little girl! :)

Love the wedding pictures - and my gosh, the pillow you made is incredible! As is the corsage.

Julie said...

Super piccies. What big eyes you have Iona! Your sister looks radiant.

Your pillow is magnificent and the corsage is superb, maybe you should consider selling these???

Mary said...

Adorable little Iona! You did a wonderful job stitching and finishing the pillow. Great pictures of all!

Von said...

I so enjoyed all your pictures!

Congrats on such an excellent wedding pillow - really, it's beautiful. And what a glorious day it was! The bride was radiant and everyone was so happy. :)

Kitty said...

Awww, she has a wonderful face - so inquisitive-looking, even at her young age.

The wedding looks wonderful, and you did a superb job on that cushion. It's stunning.


Concetta said...

What beautiful photos, thank you for sharing! Where in Scotland did they get married? (if you don't mind me asking)

The pillow you made is stunning.

monique said...

Iona is beautiful :) Fabulous finish on the ring pillow and the corsage you made is lovely!

Jennifer said...

The pillow is just gorgeous, and the wedding looked amazing! (I've always loved men in kilts!)

Iona is such a cutie!

Charlie P said...

Happy baby! She has gorgeous blue eyes.

Your lace pillow is really beautiful. The wedding looked lovely too :)

Elaine said...

Iona is adorable and your sisters wedding looks wonderful. I love visiting the Cornhill , the setting and food is just wonderful.
You also did an amazing job on the pillow and corsage they are both beautiful.


DaisyGirl said...

Your daughter is just pure sunshine! Lucky you! Wedding pictures look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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