Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stash and stuff

Well, it looks like Photobucket is playing silly b*ggers with me today and doesn't want to recognise me, so no photos today. And on a day when I had loads of news and photos to share . I'll have to save it all for next time.

For today, here's something that's been rettling around inside my head for the last day or two - Stash Organisation. Yesterday, I made myself a list of where things stand at present with my stash organisation and where I'd like to get to.

How my stash is (not) organised at present -

4 large plastic crates crammed on a barely accessible small, narrow cupboard in the corner of the bedroom. The crates are very roughly organised into one for charts, one for fabric, one for stuff I'm supposed to be working on or really want to start, and one for magazines and things that won't fit into any of the other crates. In order to get anything out of any of the crates, I have to practically empty the cupboard. At the moment, I don't really have the odd hour to spare for that!

Also 2 small plastic crates, one filled with fabric and the other with any old stuff that happens to be lying around. One of these crates lives on a shelf in the living room, the other on a shelf in my wardrobe.

I don't have any record of what I have in my stash and rely on my memory which fortunately is fairly good, but I know there are some duplicates in there.

Where I'd like to get to -

Accessible - I'd like to be able to get at my stash whenever I want to without having to venture into parts unknown a la Bear Grills. (I think my son wants to be Bear Grills when he grows up!) Stash fondling and perusal should be accessible at any time!

Space - space to spread things out so that I can drool over all my lovely loot (metaphorically of course)!

Filing - maybe a filing cabinet for charts?

Ideally, I'd also like to presuade myself that I don't have to hide it all from my husband!

And it would be nice to have it all recorded on a database - for virtual drooling and stash fondling, of course! I had this 'good idea' that I might be able to get this done while I'm on maternity leave, but I don't see that I can do the virtual stash organisation without tackling the physical side of things too!

Sounds like a good goal, don't you think? But whether or not I'll get there is a completely different matter.

Iona is being completely adorable these days. I've kind of lost track, but she may be settling down a bit and getting ready to sleep through the night. More importantly, if you take the time to talk to her and play with her, she rewards you with the most beautiful big smiles! She seemed almost to be born smiling, but she's now doing it deliberately!

And I got the good news this morning that I won the Chloe's giveaway at Mee Crafty! I'm dead chuffed as I rarely win anything, so thanks to Chloe!


Kathy A. said...

Well, now let me see - how do you organize your stash. If you figure it out let me know. Mine seems to be creeping into every nook and cranny in my house too. I would love to have some kind of organization but just seem to accumulate more and depend on my so unreliable memory to know what I have and where it all is. Maybe we should hire someone to do it for us LOL. Glad to hear the little one is settling in and sleeping for longer periods. It always for a little more time for self. Take care of yourself and that precious baby girl

DaisyGirl said...

Hi! Glad your precious baby is doing well, do you have anyone's RR? I don't think you do, but let me know, Lizzy won't contact me at all. So I'm figuring that she has mine, yours and Cheryl's RR. Email me when you can.

Barbara said...

Congratulations on the win!

As for organization - good luck! Niek bought me a small bureau a couple of years ago that he thought would hold all my stuff with room left over, so it was a bit embarassing when I had to admit that it only held about, um, half.

Julie said...

Awww how cute she is smiling, i bet one of the pics was of that... what a shame we cant see it yet!

Congrats on your win.

Good Luck on the organisation!

Stitch Wizard said...

What a cute little baby you have! I am glad that she is doing well!! Hope you get some sleep!! Hope you have time to stitch as well! Debby