Thursday, May 08, 2008

MTM part 4 finish

As it says in the title, I've now finished part 4 of Chatelaine's Medieval Town Mandala.

I was three quarters done when Iona was born and finished the fourth side on Monday. I've now made a good start to part 5 - I've been really looking forward to the turquoise silks in part 5, so I'm going to enjoy this one!

Iona is doing really well and is a wonderful wee girl. I just wish she would settle a bit easier and sleep better. Sometimes it feels like a real fight to get her to go to sleep, even though she cries and cries and you can hear in her voice just how tired she is. Some days it's a struggle to get her to sleep at all for more than 15 minutes at a time between early morning and late evening, and wants to be held and cuddled all the time, so it can be heavy going!

However, it's still early days - she'll only be 3 weeks old tomorrow! I can't believe where the time has gone already, sometimes I feel like the time is running away from me and I haven't been paying attention. I want to be able to savour every second.

Alexander, my son, is beeing really good too. I think at first after Iona and I came home, he felt rather neglected, but he can see now how much attention a baby needs but also we're trying very hard to keep to his normal routine, so he still gets time to snuggle in bed with me at the end of the day.

A big thank you to everybody who commented on my previous post and for all the good wishes. I promise to vist all your blogs and thank you all individually over the next week or two.


Sally said...

MTM is looking lovely!

I am sure Iona will settle down soon. It's hard in those first few week isn't it?

Barbara said...

LOADS of sympathy on the sleep issue!! Take care, and keep thinking positive thoughts. :)

Julie said...

MTM is gorgeous

Goegeous pics of Iona, she's such a darling.

Lynn said...

MTM is stunning, I wish I'd thought of joining now;)

Just a thought: Have you considered swaddling Iona? One of my foster babies was difficult to get settled, but swaddling really made a difference.
I hope the bairn settles soon for you :)

Karoline said...

MTM is looking gorgeous, great progress

Jessica said...

Hi Lesley!
I have been glued to your blog waiting for the next post. Iona is gorgeous! I can't wait for Kellan to get here. Only 8 weeks to go! Would you email me when you can.. tell me everything, I am scared of the c-section.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your MTM is just stunning.

I don't know how anyone can get ANY stitching done with a newborn in the house. Kuddos to you!!

monique said...

That's gorgeous! And I'm sure Iona will get a normal seep pattern going soon. I was SO fortunate to have one of those that sleeps through the night from day one... I couldn't handle what you are going through!

Andrea said...

MTM is beautiful!