Monday, September 11, 2006

Progress review

Well, it's Monday lunchtime and here I am back at work recovering from the weekend. I've decided that come weekends I'm pressurising myself far too much to get stuff done. My plan yesterday morning was to do some washing, all the ironing, and finish painting the porch. Well, I got all that done as well as changing (and vacuuming) beds, shortening two pairs of trousers and cleaning the living room. Then I wonder why I'm so stressed out I can hardly speak to my husband or son! So I'm telling myself - slow down!!

To be honest, work doesn't help - I find it very depressing. I have so little to do, no problems to solve, no challenges to overcome and basically nothing to motivate me in any way. It really isn't any surprise I spend so much time on the 'net out of sheer boredom.

On the stitching front, I did quite well with my September goals last week. A couple of weeks ago, I started stitching 'in hand' with the dinosaurs and am finding it so much faster than using a hoop or frame. I made good progress on my last dinosaur (although I haven't done anything on it today). The stitching in hand also proved useful with Bright Skies so I did well with my day's stitching on that.

However, if you're going to try stitching in hand on a symmetrical piece, take care to mark the top first! I made rather a mess of my Tiny Rose Mandala with stitches going everyway imaginable before I realised!

4 wishes is also making good progress as I've finished band 2. I'll need to get a new photo of that.

On the family front I had a phone call from one of my sisters on Saturday (I think) to let me know that she and her boyfriend got engaged on their recent holiday to Switzerland - so congratulations to them and look forward to seeing them at the start of October.

And to make this post slightly less boring, here are a couple of photos my dad took recently of one of my favourite places.

And after a little rain -

This is Corra Linn, part of the Falls of Clyde, near New Lanark. I might just get the top one printed and framed as I'd love to hang a picture of Corra Linn at home.

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