Friday, March 02, 2012

February motifs

Well, now that I've writted about my plan, I feel kind of obliged to stick to it! Thanks for your comments, they make me feel like I've got something to live up to now!

Here are the motifs from Beyond the Square that I crocheted in February. Just 2 of them as Iona's got a bit of a cough and interrupted my evening's crochet!

Beyond the Square, motif no 11

This is motif no. 11. I'm not so keen on the colour combination on this one now, but I'm not going back to change it!

It's also not a great photo as I'm doing a bit of playing around and testing with my new iPod to see if it's worth using it for photos at all as it'll save time for formatting and uploading.

Beyond the Square, motif no 14

No 14 now. This one has a couple of extra rounds as I was having fun with the front post dcs! (iPod pic again.)

Writing this up, I'm finding it funny how easily I slip between UK and US crochet terminology these days! I think the pattern probably calls them front post dcs, but you might want to call them trebles.

You can see the motifs everybody else has been crocheting here on Barbara's blog. Alternatively head over to Tami's!


Sarah said...

Your motifs are beautiful! Can't wait to see more.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lovely photos - no problems there. Nice little ripple pattern in the second motif!

Sandy said...

Nice, love the 2nd one. Front and back post add such nice texture and details!

Julie said...

Love the second one, nice colours on that.

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