Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas crochet redux

I haven’t been able to keep up with these Christmas crochet posts in quite the way I’d intended, but before summer arrives, here’s a final catch-up!

I really wanted to share my Christmas dinner table with you. 2011 was the first Christmas we had the family Christmas at home plus visitors. We’ve done the family bit on our own before, the visitors required that just a
little bit more effort be made!

For the sake of simplicity (and not spending too much money), I had a red paper table cloth and also found a paper tablerunner in the supermarket (I love table runners but, other than the paper one, have never owned one!) As a finishing touch, I had the idea of crocheting some white lacy motifs to look like white snowflakes on top of the red.

Christmas table

I was very pleased with the way they looked – my longer term plan is to crochet all sorts of motifs like this and to make them into a table runner. However, I rather suspect it was these that killed my elbow!

Finally, I think you’ve seen all these before! I just feel the need to summarise these designs again as I don’t think I’ve always given full details of where things came from or whose patterns I’ve used. So, if you’ve seen them all before, you can ignore this bit!



Cedric: My own design based on photos I’ve seen around the net.
Christmas present for nephew C in Manchester.


'Monkey' and Baby

Momster & Baby: Uses Momster & Baby pattern from Demonstrative Crochet, but with my own mixture of yarn.
Christmas present for Niamh. Niamh calls Momster Monkey!



Viktor: Based on Momster pattern from Demonstrative Crochet, but made with
chunky yarn and a bigger hook. Individual coloured spots in dk yarn were added later (I don’t know that you can see them so well in the photo).
Christmas present for nephew L4 in Manchester.



Fleur: My own design based on photos I’ve seen around the net and with my own mixture of yarn.
Christmas present for a friend.


Knitted monkey

Knitted monkey: Uses Monkeemaker’s pattern.
Christmas present for nephew L1 in Manchester. This one was a definite


Hazel's Crochet said...

Christmas is a rather hectic rushing time of year, I am glad you still decided to share with us as the lace motifs that you had on your table are beautiful and would look great as a table runner :)

But I can see why they probably killed your elbow :)

Happy FO :)

pinkundine said...

I love Viktor - don't think I'd seen him before!

Great idea to have a table runner of different doilies stitched together, sounds like it would be really pretty :)

barbara said...

Your crochet table pieces are simply gorgeous. And I love your whimsical, sweet, and wacky creature-inventions!

heather said...

The lace work is amazing! So intricate and beautiful! My Grandmother used to make amazing doilies and I'm hoping that someday I can figure out (or have the patience to) how to work with thread and those tiny needles!

Affiknitty said...

You certainly got a lot done! The monsters are cute and the lace is amazing!

Ginny said...

Beautiful lace snowflakes.

Julie said...

Your Christmas table was amazing with those beauties, they'll make a beautiful runner. You've got a few months to whip up more if you need them.
Hope the elbow is not so tender and you are being able to have some crafting times.

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