Friday, January 06, 2012

The Christmas Crochet Marathon, part 1

And this is the one I'm most pleased with! Even my Mum said she thought it was the best thing I'd ever made!

So here she is -

Topsy turvy princess

My Topsy Turvy Princess, made for my own little Princess Iona, and she adores her! In fact, the two princesses go almost everywhere together - I even had to warn Iona not to drop her in the toilet the other day!

Isn't she gorgeous? (I mean the doll, not Iona.)


Of course, Iona had to customise her by adding a bobble and some hair clips!

As usual, she's partly someone else's pattern, partly off the top of my head. My inspiration includes Jullie Teo's wedding dolls and Carolyn Christmas's Topsy Turvy doll, but I think the original seed was planted a long time ago by Julie who make have knitted, or at least blogged about, a Jean Greenhowe doll (which I can't find now). I stored this little seed away at the back of my mind, and this year, I actually did something about it!


I really really love and admire the way Jullie Teo dresses her wedding dolls and wanted to try something similar. So, on this side of the doll, I've crocheted on some layers of lacy trim. On the other, I've crocheted the trim too.

Princess 1

I'm not entirely certain that the neck is strong enough, with all that hair, but that's my only (slightly) bad point - I really am delighted with her as she is.

I'd like to work on the pattern a bit more, elbow and time permitting, and then publish it.

Oh - and Iona now wants a Prince to go with her!


Thistle Girl said...

That's lovely, what a great idea!

Karen said...

She's gorgeous!

Deb said...

So adorable! This little one will be a treasure forever, I bet. I love that sweet ballerina bun! LOL

Hazels Crochet said...

This is really pretty, you have done really well...its very neat!!

Chrisknits said...

LOL, a topsy-turvy Prince, or just one Prince? She is a doll.

geeky Heather said...

She is DARLING!!! I had a topsy-turvy doll when I was little and loved it. I always treasured my handmade dolls. I know she will be loved for years to come.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Amazing! Every little girl should have a doll like that. The details are very well done, from the lacy scallops on the dress, to the hair and faces!

paula said...

So cool! Just thinking about how that might be constructed is making my brain hurt a little bit. I can see why the two princesses are a huge hit with your princess!

Theresa said...

OMG!!! This is totally adorable!!!! This made me think of a doll I once had when I was a kid, I loved it soooo much!!!!

Kathleen said...

Oh wow, how beautiful! I love how it's both cute and elegant at the same time---you did a particularly wonderful job on the hair, and all the little details (the beads! the lace!) are just amazing.

Stitched Together said...

That is beautiful. No wonder Iona loves it. She'll treasure that for years.

Blu said...

It's so cute!

Julie said...

Oh my, she's adorable, better not show my daughter this, she'll be wanting one for Izzy lol

I've knitted a few topsy turvy dollies over the years, they are so popular, once made a Cinderalla one, rags one side and princess dress the other, now that was beautiful.


Val said...

Ohhhhh ! she is sooo sweet, well done

Val x

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Michelle said...

Have you had time to publish the pattern. I absolutely "NEED" this for my niece for Christmas. Thanks!

ElfeWillowson said...

I love the little topsy-turvy princess. I don't crochet much though I am an avid knitter. Yup... Nearly all the toys & dolls I knit are a quick glance at a pattern then lots of my own imagination. Much like you. Anyway, what is the frill pattern on the edge of the pink princess. I'd love to have a go at that as most of my doll clothes have a crochet frilly edge.
Thank you