Thursday, December 01, 2011

My favourite yarn


Oh, I really love this time of year, the few weeks up to Christmas (the fun ends after the kids have opened their presents!), I love all the anticipation and excitement. I felt like a little kid myself this morning as I rushed downstairs with Iona to help her find no. 1 on her advent calendar!

This year, I'm particularly loving all the fun I'm having making presents for the children in my extended family. Partly stash-busting, partly money-saving! And over the last week, I've been particularly loving working with this yarn!

I 'made' it myself from a whole load of colours of roughly DK weight yarn in my yarn stash! I cut a whole lot of lengths, roughly around 2 feet long, knotted them together in a randomish order and then wound it all up into a ball. They're mainly just solid acrylics, but there are some different textures in there too!

When it's worked up, it looks something like this -

And I did a version with baby yarn too -

And together, these add up to a little something for my own littlest monster!

I can see many more monsters coming along with this yarn, maybe a dragon too?

See you next time!


Diane (di) said...

I am loving that yarn... so colorful and fun. And your monster(s) are awfully cute too. Congratulations on a great job!! :)

Julie said...

Cool! So clever and gorgeous, they're really something, well done Lesley.

mainely stitching said...

So, so sweet!!

Theresa said...

Love your little creations~~~~ They will make popular gifts~~~