Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A few of the highs and lows of my summer holiday over the last two weeks!

Going home 

  • Going home.
  • Violas
Wide open views

  • Wide open views and green fields

Loch of the Lowes

  • Days out in the sunshine

Loch of the Lowes 
Looking back at BonningtonClyde gorge 

  • A walk by the river with my big boy.

Corra Linn 
An old friend

  • An old friend

Summer Sunday 
Bass Rock

  • Doesn't everyone have somewhere like this where they spent idyllic childhood summer holidays?

Harvest moon

  • Harvest moon


  • Quality time!

And on the down side?
  • Little or no crafting time, so ended up getting myself all frustrated and fed up!
  • DH in a permanent bad mood - nobody can do anything right - grrr!