Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A tragedy

It was a great shock to I hear on Sunday of the deaths of Colin McRae, Johnny McRae, Ben Porcelli and Graeme Duncan. All came from Lanark, the same small town in Scotland where I was born and grew up. Although I did not know Colin very well, I am fairly sure that I have known members of all the families affected by this tragic accident.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the families concerned. I know that the entire town will be deeply affected and that the shock has been felt worldwide. None of their names will be forgotten in a hurry.

I was briefly amused that, unusually, this was the second time in a week that Lanark had made the national news here in the UK. Only a few days earlier, a sheep at Lanark Market was tested for foot and mouth disease. The results of the test were fortunately negative.


Julie said...

Such tragic news, we watched on the TV as it was announced and couldn't believe it.

The blog looks great, what a nice surprise when i logged in

Cheryl said...

Love the blog change!
Yes, what a tragedy eh? So sad. My dad knows Colin's dad

Sally said...

It was a terrible tragedy. So sad for all the families.