Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stitching alfresco

I've picked up my Mystery Huswif again in the last week and am relieved to be enjoying it again! When I last stitched on it, stress at work was translating into stressful stitching at work and I therefore just wasn't enjoying it.

Over the Easter holiday, I decided I needed to get away from my office more at lunchtimes, particularly as I'm so near to a park. So last week, as the weather was good, I took my huswif and went out and sat in the park for a spot of alfresco stitching.

I've made good progress on my huswif, completing band I. I changed a few of the colours and am rather pleased with the result. I've now also started thinking about the alphabet bands that I've omitted and have ideas as to what to put in their place. I particularly fancy doing an interlaced herringbone band.

The light outside really brings the thread colours to life and I liked the design a whole lot more when I saw it outside. The Burnished Gold thread really does look like burnished gold when you see it in good light. The fabric too is a mich nicer colour when seen outside.

But I have a problem with this. A huswif is a sewing accessory and not specifically designed for outdoor use. Most of my stitching takes place indoors and in the evenings when the natural light is fading. So why should I stitch a stitching accessory whose colours I can only really appreciate outdoors?

And who is to say what is the 'true' colour of a fibre or fabric anyway?

I'm glad the alfresco stitching was a success. The wind wasn't too distracting and I didn't see or hear anyone commenting on the wierd woman doing sewing in the park! I went back to work far more at peace with myself than when I'd arrived. Unfortunately, the weather this week isn't so good, so I'm back to office stitching for now!

Any other alfresco stitchers out there?

Oh, and note to self, don't iron spider's web roses again!


Lynn said...

the Huswif is looking lovely. Stitching out side is obviously doing you good :). I didn't like the fabric either and have bought something different to do mine on. I thought it just looked 'dirty' :(

Carol said...

What a treat to be able to stitch outdoors again! Lovely Huwsif! The colors are so pretty.

Julie said...

looking good Lesley, i'm keen to see what you stitch in place of the alphabet, like you i prefer the colours inthe daylight and have to stitch mine in the daytime to see it properly

Itching To Stitch said...

I love your band sampler, it's gorgeous.