Friday, August 25, 2006

Going green .......

...... with envy!

Is this just gorgeous or what?

I've been coming across colour conversions for Mirabilia and Lavender & Lace charts today and they're even more gorgeous than the originals!!!!

How about these version of Mirabilia's Petal Fairy and the Stargazer both stitched by Lady Shiny Scissors.

Then there are conversions for the L&L Celtic ladies, and Mirabilia's mermaids. It starts to look like I may have to stitch some of these when I hadn't really planned to do anything like that so soon after Nan ........ and I've been stashing like mad over the last few weeks and L&L and Mirabilia haven't had a look in! Aaarghhhh!

I just wish I had more stitching time - so much I want to stitch and so little time to do it - a bit frustrating!!!!!!!!

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