Sunday, June 03, 2012


1. Stitchy wip - sheer pleasure!
2. Crochet slippers based on this pattern.
3. Little gem from a charity bookshop.
4. End of year teachers' gifts started.
5. My box - if you haven't seen it already, check out this post!

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Christine said...

The stitching on black looks spectacular and I love the little crochet birdhouse

Julie said...

Cute birdhouse gift for the teacher and I'm loving the crochet slippers.

Linda said...

Hope your elbow is getting better. I have various issues and find that switching between crafts helps. When crochet hurts, do some embroidery, or beadwork. I actually took up crochet after decades because beading was putting my back out. I found you looking at biscornu. Hugs from another working mom! Linda

Anonymous said...


Your blog is so colourful and your stitching and crochet is just lovely.

Holly x

Val said...

You have certainly stitched some beautiful stuff :)

Val x

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