Sunday, February 05, 2012


Over the latter part of last week, it seems like my inspiration has gradually deserted me. I had big plans for things to crochet, but suddenly none of it appeals to me at all.

Even MTM has lost its appeal for now, tho' I'm still trying to do my 12 stitches.

If anyone finds my inspiration floating around - would you please send it home? I'm really missing it.


Stitched Together said...

Maybe it's buried under the snow and you'll find it again when it thaws.

Tatkis said...

Hope your inspiration will be back soon! May be you just need a little break?
And sometimes visits to internet-shops help me to find next stitching goal and inspiration too :)


Laura said...

I think everyone hits a point where they feel they've run out of energy or ideas. Hopefully a break, a rest and a change will get everything flowing again :)

Julie said...

Oh no, this can't be, maybe it's having a mini holiday! Hope it returns soon.